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Effective Consumable Solutions stand firm on “remanufacture and Recycle” stance following a disturbingly quiet International Day of Climate Action

The weekend just passed, marking the ‘celebration’ date for the International Day for Climate Change (24thOctober), but with very little recognition both leading up to the event, nor following it, ECS have spoken out encouraging the industry to increase recycling efforts and to prioritise the use of remanufactured products.

ECS’s Director of Recycling, Adrian Lovatt, said “As we’ve already mentioned at the beginning of October, plastic production across the world is increasing at an unsustainable rate, which isn’t helped by the latest demands for face masks, visors and other PPE equipment which are predominantly made out of plastic. This is just another reason among many others as to why businesses need to start acting quickly and using their initiative to slow down their usage of brand new products which require the production of new plastic.”

The remanufacturer and collector of the year are once again encouraging the industry to invest in a successful recycling scheme in order to help tackle many of the issues associated with plastic. Lovatt added “Recycling doesn’t have to be seen as an extra cost. Financial gains can be obtained through an enhanced reputation as well as the guarantee of winning more tenders. Not only this, but recycling correctly and safely will also help companies to steer clear of the red tape and avoid any fines associated with non-compliance of the WEEE Directive.”

ECS went on to explain that alongside the aid of a recycling scheme, the use of remanufactured toner cartridges and components should always be the main priority for dealers and distributors. Operations Director Adam lighton explained “Not only does the use of remanufactured cartridges provide the benefit of a reduced environmental impact, but they’re also comparable to OEM versions in terms of quality, performance and reliability for a fraction of the cost – if they’re remanufactured by a reputable company.”

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