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Employees at risk of burnout

47% of managers believe their employees may be at risk of burnout, following a change in work pattern or behaviour bought on by COVID-19, according to a report – Burning the Candle: Strategies to Combat Workplace Burnout – published by global recruiter Robert Walters.

Over a third (36%) of British employees stated that their mental health and wellbeing has suffered as result of working longer hours during COVID-19. Those working remotely recorded a 35% increase in productivity, and an overwhelming 87% of these respondents have felt the pressure to keep productivity levels consistently high to prove the case for working from home post-COVID.

Since remote working began, 21% of professionals claim that the pressure to deliver results has caused a negative impact on their mental health or wellbeing. Over a quarter of professionals (26%) stated that more autonomy whilst remote working was a key factor in their increased productivity. When asked about expectations for the future of work, 29% stated that they would like more autonomy and trust given by the management team

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