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Entries open for PRINT IT AWARDS 2022

Here’s your chance to celebrate your successes by winning a 2022 PrintIT Award.
Entries opened on May 3 and the deadline to complete submissions is 5pm on July 22. Entering the awards is simple and straightforward, simply visit and register your details

We want to applaud the people and companies in our sector who continue to enjoy success in these challenging times. So, make sure you enter the 2022 PrintIT Awards and give our judges a chance to celebrate you and your team. It’s completely free to enter, so there’s no excuse not to throw your hat in the ring! We would encourage you to enter as many categories as you see fit to increase your chances of winning, and look forward to welcoming you to the PrintIT Awards Ceremony on December 6 at The Royal Lancaster Hotel, London.

We know that there’s a lot of work involved in putting together a submission for an awards event – it can seem like a daunting task, but it’s well worth the effort – just ask any one of our previous winners! Winning or even getting shortlisted for an award is one of the quickest ways to build credibility and boost your company’s profile.

But of course, there can only be one winner in each category, so how can you ensure you are in with a good chance? You want your entry to stand out, so we’ve put together some tips to write
a killer submission and improve your chance of winning.

1 Make sure you enter
I’ve said it before, but I will keep on saying it – you’ve got to be in it to win it! Be confident in your achievements and abilities and make sure you submit an entry. You may well have made the decision to enter, and even thought about which category or categories fit the bill. The entry window is open for three full months – but time flies – which brings me nicely onto my next point.

2 The earlier you start your submission, the better
Give yourself plenty of time. You may well leave it until the last minute and then find you haven’t got all the necessary information to hand. You’ll also need to factor in some extra time to take a second look, consult with colleagues and make some final tweaks before submitting your application. The deadline is fixed (see point 7) and once it’s gone it’s gone!

3 Pick your categories carefully Read the category criteria carefully before starting an entry, it very clearly sets out exactly what the judges are looking for in every entry. It’s far better to submit one well-crafted entry rather than several which aren’t a perfect fit. Consider which award categories best match up with your company or team’s focus and where you have the most chance of getting shortlisted for. Read the criteria carefully and make sure that you can demonstrate that you meet everything asked for.

4 Keep it relevant
If you do decide to enter multiple award categories – please don’t include the same entry – every submission must be individual and tailored to the specific category. On the same note, you also can’t resubmit last year’s entry – each category clearly states that the product, solution or business success story must have occurred in the 12 months preceding the awards deadline.

Also make sure to keep the content relevant – matching your submission to the specific criteria is paramount. Double check your entry sticks to the criteria and addresses each of the points mentioned and that you’ve included any additional supporting information required to back- up any claims.

5 Back-up your claims
Whether it’s revenue, growth, customer satisfaction or increased market share – back-up any claims made with facts, figures and testimonials from credible sources. Please don’t just say you’re a market leader or you’ve got the highest customer retention rate in your sector – back it up with before and after data. Consider including testimonials from customers, partners, or even your own employees – if they have something interesting and relevant to say, that can really add value to your entry.

6 Don’t forget to proof-read your entry
Remember, the judges will be comparing your submission alongside entries from your peers, so make sure it isn’t riddled with typos or missing any required information. Stick to the word count, pay attention to formatting, spelling, grammar and punctuation, and make sure it’s easy to read. Finally, don’t be afraid to show your personality – if you can showcase your passion for your business, it can go a long way in helping you to make a good impression on the judges.

7 Stick to the deadline
We can’t stress this enough – make sure you get the entry in on time. The deadline is there for a reason, there’s a whole lot of work to be done after all the entries are in. To be fair to all the award entrants and to ensure our judges have enough time to review all the entries, we can’t give you an extension.

Good luck and remember to visit to register and submit your entries.