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Epson forms partnership with Docman

The partnership will see Docman use Epson scanners to increase efficiencies in the healthcare sector, benefiting the 200,000 NHS staff members, 6,000 GP practices and 125 secondary care organisations that the company supports.


Docman tested five Epson scanners, allowing for official accreditation of their compatibility with Docman 7, 8 and 10 of its cloud-based software platforms. They subsequently chose a range of products including the Epson DS-530, DS-770 and DS-860 which will complement Docman’s scanning capabilities and increase the efficiency of the company’s digital transfer of care.

Kevin Dobson, Product Manager for Business Scan, Epson UK, said: “With healthcare providers constantly under budget and time restraints, business processes need to be as productive, reliable and affordable as possible. We’re proud that our range of scanners has been endorsed and selected by Docman to help the NHS support millions of patients across the UK.”