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Epson sees green at the DataMaster Lab 2021 Print Awards 

Epson wins 10 Green Awards plus 4 other awards to kick-start the year 

Epson continues to strengthen its green credentials as a manufacturer committed to building environmentally sustainable products, securing ten Green awards in several categories and 4 other awards 2021 DataMaster Lab Print Awards.

The DataMaster Lab Print Awards recognise A4 and A3 MFPs with the Green Awards given to machines that have the least overall impact on the environment. Factors such as manufacturing, distribution and design are all considered when selecting the award winner.

In addition to winning ten Green accolades, Epson secured three additional products wins in the ‘Best First Copy Out Time’ category for the MFP A3 Colour 20-29 ppm models and one for Best A4 MFP for homeworkers for the MFP A4 Color, 20-29 ppmmodels.

“This is a great start to the year! To be once again recognised for our products’ low impact life cycle is amazing testimony to what we have been striving to achieve – a simple way to enable better sustainability within the workplace,” says Darren Phelps, VP Epson Europe.  “Throughout the design and manufacturing stages of all our technologies, we have adopted sustainable practices that ensure our products reduce environmental impact both during production and when in use.”

The Epson models that picked up awards in their respective categories are as follows:

Green MFP Award: MFP A4 Color, 20-29 ppm

Epson WF-C5790DWF

Epson WF-C579RD2TWF

Epson WF-C579RDTWF

Epson WF-C579RDWF

GREEN Award: MFP A3 Color, 20-29 ppm

Epson WF-C879RD3TWFC

Epson WF-C879RDTWF


GREEN Award: MFP A3 Color, 60-69 ppm

Epson WF-C20600

GREEN Award: MFP A3 Color, 70-79 ppm

Epson WF-C20750

GREEN Award: MFP A3 Color, 80-89 ppm

Epson WF-C21000

Best First Copy Out Time: MFP A3 Color, 20-29 ppm

Epson WF-C879RD3TWFC

Epson WF-C879RDTWF


Best A4 MFP for homeworkers:

Epson WF-C5790DWF

Epson’s recognition at the DataMaster Lab Awards comes as Epson prepares to launch its own insights into attitudes towards sustainability. This forthcoming insight has brought to light the extent to which environmental and social standing have become critical in winning the hearts and minds of customers and employees alike.

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