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Evolution Capital: Tech Trends you can trust Part 2

Evolution Capital’s Head of Intelligence, Fraser Dixon, casts an insightful light on the breakdown of services offered by the 1,500 businesses within the Cyber-Security sub-sector, analysed by our research team.

At Evolution Capital, Fraser is responsible for market intelligence, mandate and deal origination, assisting business owners with developing their own unique exit strategy, and supporting buyers with value-enhancing acquisitions.

Watch our latest series; Trend you can Trust, for monthly analysis of current sub-sectors of the ICT space.

Evolution Capital have spent over 20 years providing expert advice and sector analysis for our clients, enabling our team to deliver outstanding outcomes for shareholders and management teams. Our market analysts work meticulously to develop an intelligence-based and educated landscape of the sub-sectors within the ICT and technology spaces.

For more information about our team, news and services, please visit our website, drop Fraser an email at or call us on 020 3696 2810.