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Expert to Confront Environment Hot Potato at Ninestar Conference

Swiss-based Christa Furter has agreed to address a “hot potato” issue at the global Ninestar Confidential Conference on September 28.

According to Furter, the record needs to be set straight when it comes to China’s response to the environment. As a business advisor for the Ninestar Image in the competitive European market she will share her own candid observations.

Countries in the European Union are leading the way when it comes to setting environmental standards and addressing issues including the treatment of single-use plastics. The matter has become a “hot potato” for printer cartridge remanufacturers and distributors. It is a lead that is being picked up in other countries across the globe as well.

Furter has many years’ experience and competencies in e-commerce, cross-channel management, B2B and B2C. As a former CEO and Group CEO in privately owned and listed companies, she is not daunted by sharing the truth of her experience.

“I will bring my know-how and firmly held opinions to Ninestar’s confidential conference,” she said. “I have confronted the rigor of boards and company management, so I am looking forward to connecting with a global audience on September 28.”

Her micro-presentation will reveal how remanufacturing, empty collections, the treatment of waste and meeting the newer, tougher standards being set by governments can provide unique opportunities.

Apart from the “environment” hot potato to be confronted at the conference other topics will include OEM tactics and the changing demands of end users.

The one-hour, online “Hot Potatoes” confidential conference will be run twice on September 28 so that participants across the globe can participate at a time that suits them best. For more details, go to:

Four speakers, based in Europe, the USA and China, will provide market trends, evidence, observations and opinions the industry needs to know about.

The event is free but requires pre-registration to seek participation at the event, given the confidential nature of some content.

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