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Extended RFID and contact reader range

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Y Soft has extended its RFID and contact reader range with the release of its entry-level YSoft MFX Lite reader. The YSoft MFX Lite reader is an ideal solution for secure identification and verification designed to suit more budget-conscious reader deployment use cases where chip technology is not a requirement, making cutting- edge reader technology affordable to all.

The reader also confirms Y Soft’s commitment to sustainability by significantly reducing the power consumption of the reader, making it up to 36 per cent more energy-efficient than most other readers.

Plug-and-play by nature, it is up and running in just a matter of seconds. The MFX Lite comes with a product- lifetime warranty and numerous unique technologies help prevent the occurrence of any read errors. Based on Y Soft’s hardware performance assurance, which equates to over 2.5 million hours of mean time between failures (MTBF) testing, the company claims the reader has been tested five times more robustly than the closest competitors’ technology.

The MFX Lite can authenticate across many scenarios and provides a robust hygienic solution that eliminates the need for staff to touch any surfaces to identify themselves. Plus, with follow-the-sun global support and the product-lifetime warranty, in the unlikely event that the device encounters a problem, there is someone standing by in the user’s time zone to help solve it.