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Face-to-face communication remains critical in the modern B2B sales process, says Kyocera.

Although virtual communication has been successful in the last couple of years, in-person meetings will still hold significant influence in 2022 and beyond

Even as the B2B sales process becomes increasingly digital, face-to-face meetings still provide certain benefits that technology cannot replicate. According to Kyocera, organisations should ensure that in-person interaction with customers and prospects is maintained as a key element of the sales process.

Research has shown that in-person requests are 34 times more successful than those made over email; the close rate for in-person meetings is 57%; and executives and business travellers estimate that 28% of their current business would be lost without in-person meetings. The pandemic may have shaken things up by bringing digital interaction to the fore, but face-to-face meetings retain a strong appeal.

Rod Tonna-Barthet, President & Chief Executive Officer at Kyocera Document Solutions UK, said: “The importance of face-to-face communication is often undervalued in organisations because it’s difficult to measure, but its power in shaping company culture, team engagement and sales outcomes should not be underestimated.”

“Firstly, the human brain is wired for connection and appreciation; we want to belong and feel valued. To build relationships and close deals, it is essential to understand what makes each person tick. Businesses need to remember that face-to-face sales are often the first time a customer gets acquainted with your brand, products, and services.

“Shared values between consumers and brands help to establish concrete relationships. By authenticating your brand and promoting human connections, shared beliefs lay the groundwork for building connections. By engaging in face-to-face sales, prospects and customers can learn about your brand’s values directly.”

recent report from Stellar Global discovered that 85% of customers would be encouraged to buy a product after a product demonstration, while 73% want a product demonstration to give them an understanding of how a product works.

Tonna-Barthet added: “These findings highlight the importance of taking the time to demonstrate your product, educate prospective customers about its advantages and answer any questions they have. This provides prospects the opportunity to learn how it will benefit them the most. Using face-to-face meetings to show how your product helps them solve their problems, wants and desires is crucial.

“In some cases, technology improves communication efficiency during the sales process. In other cases, technology exacerbates the problem of poor sales communication. Any sale can, for example, be ruined by a dropped call or poor internet connection. Face-to-face selling overcomes these technical challenges, allowing salespeople to build real relationships with prospects. You’ll also be able to better measure prospects’ reactions by using body language cues.”

Tonna-Barthet concluded: “All in all, success in B2B sales means using all the methods available to you and using them well. Technology should, of course, be used extensively when it is sensible to do so, but the value of face-to-face interaction can never be understated. At a time when societies and the world are opening up again, embracing in-person meetings is sure to yield success.”

About Kyocera Document Solutions UK

Kyocera Document Solutions Inc. is a global leading provider of total document solutions based in Osaka, Japan. The company’s portfolio includes reliable and eco-friendly MFPs and printers, as well as business applications and consultative services which enable customers to optimize and manage their document workflow, reaching new heights of efficiency. With professional expertise and a culture of empathetic partnership, the objective of the company is to help organisations put knowledge to work to drive change.

Kyocera Document Solutions Inc. is a core company of Kyocera Corporation, a leading supplier of industrial and automotive components, semiconductor packages, electronic devices, smart energy systems, printers, copiers, and mobile phones. During the year ended March 31, 2021, the company’s consolidated sales revenue totalled 1.5 trillion yen (approx. US$13.8 billion). Kyocera is ranked #549 on Forbes magazine’s 2020 “Global 2000” list of the world’s largest publicly traded companies, and appears on The Wall Street Journal’s latest list of “The World’s 100 Most Sustainably Managed Companies.”

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