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Fast career path for tech professionals

Research from STX Next has found that a fifth of CTOs reached the position in fewer than five years.

A further 35% of respondents revealed that it took five to ten years to reach CTO, while only 27% took 11-15 years. The results highlight the surprising speed at which a CTO position can be reached, and suggest it is a viable career path for aspiring tech professionals.

Other key findings from the research included:

  • There are multiple routes to CTO: 33% of those surveyed said they joined the organisation as a CTO from another company. Around 29% were promoted from within their organisation and 34% said they co-founded a business and became CTO immediately.
  • On-the-job experience is crucial: 70% of CTOs were formerly software developers or engineers, while 60% were tech leads or engineering managers and 29% were project managers. Just 7% were academic personnel.
  • Around one-third of CTOs report high job satisfaction: on a scale of one to five, 35% rated their job a five and 43% rated it a four.