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Flex IT launches home & office workspace initiative

The Flex IT Home & Office scheme will offer a refurbished laptop and desktop/screen/keyboard bundle for half the price of a brand new laptop, which will give employees the hardware required to work both in the office when needed, but also to work from home.

The bundles are available through Flex IT’s reseller partners and depending on the product grade come with a three-year warranty. For lower-grade products, the three-year warranty will be available for a little extra cost.

Chief Executive Leon Timmermans, said: “This is all about raising awareness of the circular economy. During the lockdown, nobody cared about having brand new equipment, they just wanted it to work. And we have proved refurbished kit does.”

He added that for many cash-strapped company owners, they have the option to rent the equipment rather than buy it through the Flex IT Rent program. “Everybody is talking about cash, and companies are spending less money. Not only do customers have the option to spend 50% less money for double the equipment, but for those that don’t want to create CAPEX, they can access this deal via our rental program – we can create deals offering between three and 24 months to rent, and they have the option to buy later when cash flow improves. This option allows our channel partners to really put their customers’ minds at ease.”