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Flexible business packages and AWS support

Panasonic has enhanced the KX-NSV300 software business communication system by offering a variety of easy installation and cost-effective options for organisations and adding support for Amazon Web Services (AWS), as its first public cloud integration.

The KX-NSV300 provides businesses with next generation telephony functionality and flexibility in a software communication system that removes the need for up-front hardware investment. The latest enhancements allow companies to choose and migrate between three versions of the system depending on their user requirements.

Panasonic KX-NSV300 Small is ideal for organisations with up to 60 users and allows 32 simultaneous calls. Medium is for organisations with up to 120 users and allows 64 simultaneous calls. Large provides services for up to 300 users and 126 simultaneous calls. The latest versions of the KX-NSV300 system can also be installed on a single virtual machine with a smaller memory footprint – shrinking capacity requirements and rental charges.

In addition to on-premise and private cloud installations, such as data centres, the solution can now also be hosted on Amazon Web Services.