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Focus On: Printers and inks

Ricoh announces new ink technology Ricoh is to introduce new state of the art ink technology for current and future platforms. The new ink will soon be brought to market as an additional option to current and future clients on the Ricoh Pro VC60000 continuous feed inkjet printing platform.

Ricoh Pro VC60000
Ricoh Pro VC60000

The inks are designed to print directly to traditional offset coated substrates, without primers. The printing speed on coated substrates will increase to support higher production volumes (including offset to digital page migration), decreasing time to market for applications and promotions.

Ricoh says by enabling the latest in pigment ink innovations, clients can continue to expect excellent durability, water fastness and printhead reliability, similar to its current inks. An improved colour gamut will increase the different types of applications that can be supported due to more vivid colours and a richer black.

Dot matrix printers

Printronix has launched two new rugged desktop serial dot matrix printers. The S828 (800 cps print speed) and S809 (900 cps) have a mean time between failure (MTBF) of 20,000 hours and an extended ribbon life of 25 million characters. Both models provide reliable operation in production and distribution environments while noise levels of 54dBA, mean they are also suitable for offce use.

Options include a second tractor that enables two separate forms to be loaded simultaneously and an IPDS chip (for the S828) that allows customers with legacy IBM AS/400 and iSeries systems to upgrade their printers.

Digital duplicators

New digital duplicators from RISO, the dual colour MF9350 and single colour SF9390, combine a full colour LCD touchscreen with 600dpi print quality and super-fast 190 spm output.

The MF9350 can print two colour pages at speeds of 150 spm. Both duplicators are compatible with RISO’s sustainable rice bran-based ink and can be enhanced with an optional IC card reader for user authentication. A confidential paper memory print function enables an encoded image to be printed on a laser printer, scanned in by the device and converted back to its original form.

World’s most secure large format printers

HP DesignJet T1700
HP DesignJet T1700

The new 44-inch HP DesignJet T1700 printer offers a new, powerful processing architecture using a 500 GB hard disk.

HP says that new added features make it the most secure large format workgroup printer available today. The improved security is designed to help enterprises print CAD and GIS applications while protecting printers and data from unauthorised or malicious access in infrastructure construction, urban planning as well as utilities industries such as oil, water, gas, and electricity.

Features include a new self-encrypting hard drive that ensures it is only readable by the printer itself, even if removed from the device. For additional device security, HP Secure Boot ensures BIOS protection and Whitelisting only allows approved firmware to be installed and run on the device.

The HP DesignJet T1700 also brings improved colour quality and precision for more accurate maps and renderings. A new set of six HP Bright Offce Inks with tuned colours profles and a high density printhead deliver bold colour and accurate image quality, in addition to more precise colours, including gray and soft tones. Additionally, HP Click printing software included in this series can be used by everyone on the team to easily print project sets and PDF documents.

Security in-built

NIAP certification
NIAP certification

The Xerox AltaLink devices have received National Information Assurance Partnership (NIAP) certification against the latest Common Criteria security protection profile for hardcopy devices. This new protection profile is based on the security requirements specified by United States and Japanese government agencies.

The Protection Profile for Hardcopy Devices v1.0 (HCD-PP v1.0) intends to protect the information processed by an MFP from security threats and includes stringent new requirements for cryptography, authentication and secure protocols. Testing is done in independent labs and results in the most up-to-date and stringent security endorsement for small- and medium-size businesses, large enterprises and governments.

Apple certified AirPrint POS printer

Traditionally, AirPrint has been purely the domain of wider output inkjet and laser printers for business and personal use. The new Star TSP654II AirPrint is the first 80 and 58 mm receipt and ticket POS printer on the market to be Apple AirPrint certified.

Apple certified Airprint POS printer
Apple certified Airprint POS printer

Star’s TSP654II offers 300 mm/second print speed, high quality 203 dpi print output, compact footprint and aesthetic design. Furthermore, the printer can be used in vertical or horizontal mode and includes a wall mount bracket in the box as standard. Available in charcoal black or ultra white casing, the printer matches the Star CB2002 cash drawer options while easy paper loading and the splash proof cover option further enhance the features of the TSP654II AirPrint.