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Focus On: What’s New (2)

Assisted reality wearables 

RealWear Android-based head- mounted devices are the first to be supported by Microsoft Endpoint Manager, Microsoft’s unified endpoint security and device management platform. 

Microsoft Endpoint Manager’s support for AOSP (Android Open Source Program) management is currently in public preview and enables enterprises to configure, provision, and secure RealWear devices, which enterprises are increasingly using with Microsoft Teams to enable remote collaboration with frontline workers on the job. 

The solution makes it easier for enterprises to secure these devices and deploy them widely across their organisation. IT staff can easily configure RealWear devices for shared or single user use and ensure they are security compliant. 

The new device management solution further supports RealWear’s collaboration with Microsoft announced last year, when the company revealed that it was integrating Microsoft Teams with its assisted reality wearables. 


Smart speaker

N1 is a state-of-the-art smart speaker with Noveto’s proprietary SmartBeaming technology and built-in Alexa smart assistant, providing immersive 3D binaural sound, and personal interaction, all without headphones. 

The new design features clean lines, a luxurious fabric mounted on a smooth, matt black aluminium frame and adjustable stand. The audio experience is fundamentally different from traditional speakers or headphones. Noveto’s SmartBeaming transmits ultrasound silently through the air, converging in small audible pockets just outside the listener’s ears. N1’s smart facial tracking follows the user’s head, ensuring that, as if wearing headphones, the experience is one of thoroughly immersive 3D stereo, while people nearby barely hear a thing. 


Sharp upgrades hospitality EPOS

Sharp’s SPOS Remote is an integrated solution for its hospitality EPOS systems. SPOS Remote allows dining areas to be managed remotely through connected devices, providing greater flexibility for serving staff. 

SPOS Remote will enable hospitality venues to offer faster customer service, process more orders and ultimately turnover tables quicker. The solution is downloadable on compatible Android devices and can be used by servers to take orders, finalise tabs, and provide dietary information to customers. The SPOS Remote integrates seamlessly with Sharp POS, eliminating handwritten mistakes through its easy-to-use interface. 

Key features include: quick and easy to set up, easy to follow graphical touchscreen interface, flexible user interface incorporates both grid and list views, smart replication of till programming, saving time on staff training, tab finalisation and ability to print bills and an intuitive interface that makes it easy to amend orders from the handheld device.


Parashift connector

simplyfile, a Swiss technology company and reseller of M-Files, has  integrated Parashift Platform, an Intelligent Document Processing (IDP) solution powered by AI and machine learning into M-Files. The developed connector enables M-Files partners and customers to classify any type of document automatically and read data easily, quickly, and cost-effectively. 

Parashift’s IDP solution leverages Document Swarm Learning technologies and allows for drastically shortened time-to-value. The platform comes with the ability to handle all kinds of business documents by processing any type of structured, semi-structured, or even unstructured document, from invoices to contracts to handwritten paper documents. Processes that were previously based on manual interaction can thus be automated and the added value of M-Files’ intelligent information management platform further expanded. 


Sharp NEC MultiSync E273F

Decluttered desktop and workspace solutions 

Sharp NEC Display Solutions Europe’s latest desktop monitor features single-cable connectivity, delivering advanced ergonomic features and powerful performance for decluttered desktop solutions. 

The NEC MultiSync E273F has been designed to optimise user wellbeing and provide future-proof flexibility. Featuring an LCD 27” Enterprise display, the E273F incorporates the latest 65W USB Type-C connectivity standard. This enables organisations to optimise connectivity while decluttering desktops with a single cable replacing multiple video, audio, power and USB cables. 

Users benefit from built-in low blue light and flicker-free technology that protects eyes without compromising on true-to-life display colour performance. Furthermore, advanced ergonomic adjustability ensures optimum individual workspace set-up to support sustained productivity. 

The NEC MultiSync E273F supports new open office standards in hot desking and BYOD, with the display fully future- proofed with the incorporation of DP, HDMI, USB Type C, audio output as well as a USB-hub for the highest level of connectivity flexibility. 

Available in black or white to suit ergonomic and aesthetic preferences in an office or home environment, plus a minimal display footprint thanks to its ultra-narrow bezel and optional VESA thin client mount, the E273F perfectly complements the modern efficient workspace.