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Focus On: What’s New (2)

Super-silent, ultra-powerful laser projector

NEC’s P605UL is the company’s quietest projector yet, featuring noise levels of just 19dB in eco-mode – quieter than the ticking of a watch. Designed for larger surfaces and brighter areas, the P605UL features stunning visuals with 6,000 ANSI lumen image projection, providing perfect visibility even in brightly-lit spaces. The P605UL also features optional Wi-Fi and embedded MultiPresenter function for wireless presentation and screen sharing.

As well as being virtually silent, the P605UL provides completely maintenance-free operation thanks to its filter-free sealed optical engine, meaning that users can enjoy 20,000 hours of lifetime from the laser light source. The P605UL is a true install-and-forget projector with no need to change lamps or filters; what’s more, it consumes just 357W of power in normal mode, ensuring low lifetime operational costs.

The P605UL is fully future-proofed, featuring 4K@30Hz input processing for pin-sharp resolutions, comprehensive connectivity and supporting WUXGA resolution for the ultimate in image quality – without any disturbance from fan noise.

Smarter office receptions

Sharp has expanded its range of digital transformation services with the launch of its Optimised Visitor Management system. The easy-touse platform for visitor, employee and contractor registration, ensures that businesses always have an accurate and up-to-date list of who is on site and supports compliance with data protection and privacy regulation, including GDPR.

The system comprises a choice of Sharp interactive displays and intuitive people presence management software from WhosOnLocation, offering a wide range of features, based on quick and easy self-sign-in and out for guests via a touchscreen interface. It includes an optional label printer for guest badges, or businesses can choose a paperless solution with guests receiving their badge as a QR code via email or SMS, like a digital airline boarding pass.

The Optimised Visitor Management system provides organisations with tools to demonstrate compliance with GDPR, for example, by capturing visitor consent. As part of the sign-in process visitors can be informed of the company’s data privacy policy and asked to accept it.


ThinPrint Hub available with centralised management

ThinPrint is adding a central management console to The ThinPrint Hub Remote Management Console. The new management console enables companies in any industry to operate across multiple locations. It fully optimises the connection of printers to headquarters via the ThinPrint Hub, allowing efficient and central management of these devices. A VPN connection isn’t even necessary and as an additional benefit, local print servers can also be dispensed with completely.


CENTIEL extends PremiumTower Range

Extending their range
Extending their range

CENTIEL has announced the extension of its PremiumTower range. PremiumTower is a three-phase, online double-conversion UPS, designed to maximise efficiency and minimise footprint and is now available in a range of sizes from: 10-250 kW. PremiumTower is designed for small and medium data centres, comms rooms, IT networks and any missioncritical application which demands high availability and unbeatable energy efficiency.


360° digital portal

Digital portal
Digital portal

ARMOR Connect is a new digital exchange platform for ARMOR Office Printing partners. Designed to be a channel of communication, ARMOR Connect offers a host of features to encourage dialogue with its partners and contains all product related information as well as certifications attached to cartridges, visuals and data sheets. The platform allows partners to track their activities, such as the processing of orders and deliveries, as well as the status of any products that might be placed on back order in real-time, and lists favourites, in order to save time during the next batch of online orders.

“ARMOR Connect is a platform that strengthens the services and the products that we propose to our partners. It enriches our collaborations through the integration of a new dedicated and personalised communication channel,” said Director Gerwald van der Gijp.



Powerful dashboards and an intuitive user experience

Ideagen, the governance, risk and compliance software provider, has launched a new version of its Q-Pulse application to coincide with the 25th anniversary of the software.

As well as maintaining the software’s core functionality such as document, audit and corrective action management, the browser-based Q-Pulse 7 comes with powerful dashboard functionality for increased business intelligence and an intuitive user experience.