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7077Riello UPS announces range extension

The uninterruptible power supply manufacturer is boosting its Multi Power range with two new power modules, 15 kW and 25 kW both 2U in height, to complement the existing 42 kW option.

A compact cabinet measuring just 60 cm wide and 1.2 metres high and weighing just 145 kg is also being introduced to house the new power modules, enabling smaller applications with limited space to enjoy the same performance, flexibility and efficiency benefits that modular UPS systems already provide high-end data centres with.

The new cabinet can house up to five of the 2U modules, offering power ranges of 15-60 kW N+1 (for the 15 kW modules) and 25-100 kW N+1 (for the 25 kW modules). A maximum of four cabinets can run in parallel to increase capacity to 240 kW N+1 (for the 15 kW modules) and 400 kW N+1 (for the 25 kW modules).

Up to seven larger 42 kW power modules can be installed in a standard Multi Power cabinet, offering total capacity of 252 kW N+1 in a single frame. As with the new compact chassis, up to four cabinets can be paralleled together, delivering a maximum power rating of 1,008 kW N+1 in a single system.

Space-saving combination cabinets containing both power modules and battery shelves are also available for applications needing to balance high power density with a limited footprint.


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