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Focus On: What’s New

Sharp enhances digital signage line-up  Sharp has introduced two new digital signage display ranges. The PN-HY and PN-HS are designed for demanding environments with a 24/7 operating time and max brightness of 500 cd/m² and 700 cd/m² respectively, ensuring clarity and delivery of information at any time.

The displays are available in three sizes – 43”, 50” and 55 and offer 4K Ultra HD (3840 x 2160) resolution combined with outstanding brightness and innovative LED backlighting to create more vivid colours and a boosted contrast.

Both models can be mounted in landscape, portrait, face-up, face-down, tilt-forward and tilt-backward up to a 90-degree angle. The lightweight design also ensures that the displays are easy to install in a wide variety of locations.

Both ranges have a wider colour gamut, providing greater accuracy for every colour displayed on-screen and are optimised for reading complex information in professional specialised applications such as traffic control, surveillance or medical imaging systems. In addition, the white balance adjustment and colour temperature makes the displays ideal for high quality broadcasting and video production, as well as indoor venues which use digital signage to present detailed imagery and impactful video.

Additionally, both models support USB playback and include fully integrated 10W + 10W speakers to enhance any multimedia content. The displays are also fitted with three HDMI inputs to readily switch between sources. With an integrated LAN/RS-232C interface, the displays can be adapted to suit any existing control system, ensuring users can easily monitor and control the displays from a central location


Cloud MePhoto2

Technology defies distance Alibaba has launched an innovative cloud-based technology Cloud ME powered by its real-time communication (RTC) solution. Cloud ME facilitates social interactions for people who are keen to explore bona fide meeting experiences during the Olympic Winter Games, enabling them to meet, and enjoy real-time conversations with each other via life-sized, true-to-life projection.

By stepping into a pop-up studio in the Cloud ME booth, participants will have their full-body image projected realistically into a remote booth, in which their projected personas will be displayed to meet and greet with their counterparts. The true-to-life meetings can also be opened up to a wider audience across unlimited locations, thanks to easily installed remote projection functionality.


Remote IT support for free   GoTo, formerly known as LogMeIn, has announced the release of a new IT management and support (ITSM) product, GoTo Resolve. GoTo Resolve modernises IT support by bringing together all the tools small and mid-size businesses need to manage and support employees in a flexible, secure and conversational way. GoTo Resolve includes a feature-rich free-tier making premium, secure IT management and support accessible to businesses of all sizes.

The new product is built with the IT needs of today at the forefront in a modern, intuitive interface, with enterprise-grade security including first of its kind zero trust access controls, consumer-grade ease of use, and the ability to deploy in minutes for free, or at a value-tested price point.


Canon collaborates with Plockmatic A collaboration with Plockmatic, a global supplier of finishing solutions to the print and mailing businesses, has resulted in the seamless, inline integration of the Canon varioPRINT iX-series digital inkjet sheet-fed press with the Plockmatic DigiCoater Pro 400 HD LED paper coating machine.

The combination of the two technologies means that varioPRINT iX-series customers in EMEA can now not only produce high quality, UV-coated applications, but can do so at rated engine speed in a single automated workflow.

The integration removes both the need for manual intervention and the risk of a production bottleneck and allows commercial printers to deliver applications of a glossy, higher value look and feel and to meet the shortest turnaround times.

With the two machines connected via an open SFD interface, the bi-directional communication between the varioPRINT iX-series and the Plockmatic Digicoater Pro 400 HD LED results in a highly efficient, end-to-end workflow. The level of compatibility and automation delivered by the interface means that the print engine’s PRISMAsync controller can be easily alerted to misprinted single sheets and the varioPRINT iX will automatically reprint them without having to reprint the whole job.

Stuart Rising, Head of Commercial Print, Production Printing Products, Canon UK & Ireland said: “The high quality printed output from the varioPRINT combined with the embellishment capabilities of the Plockmatic Digicoater Pro 400 HD LED is a winning combination for any commercial printer wishing to capitalise on the growing market demand for enhanced printed applications.”

Canon IMAGE_varioPRINT iX-series and Plockmatic DigiCoater Pro 400 HD LED

Canon’s varioPRINT iX-series can now be integrated with the Plockmatic DigiCoater Pro 400 HD LED paper coating machine