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Focus On: What’s New

New subscription service

Lexmark has two new offerings that enable small- and medium-sized businesses to print more simply and sustainably. Certified CarbonNeutral single and multifunction laser printers are now available in the Lexmark GO Line of smaller footprint devices. These devices provide certified carbon neutrality by default, right out of the box and with no additional fee, while Lexmark OnePrint offers access to a simplified print subscription service.

Lexmark OnePrint is a simple subscription print solution that helps small and medium-sized businesses save time and money. Customers select the monthly plan that matches the number of pages they expect to print each month. Leveraging Lexmark’s proprietary AI-driven supplies replenishment system, enrolled Lexmark GO Line devices are automatically monitored and managed, and genuine toner is shipped just when it is needed. Service and support are also simple, with a warranty provided at no additional cost for the life of the subscription.

Lexmark OnePrint is available in France, Germany and the UK, and will soon be available in the US and Canada.


Supporting hybrid and agile workspaces

Kyocera has launched Kyocera Cloud Print and Scan (KCPS). The solution is designed to empower agile workplaces and hybrid workers to print from multiple locations using Kyocera’s Print&Follow software and scan directly to the cloud, enabling organisations to remove the costs and labour needed to manage on- premise print servers.

KCPS gives organisations operational control over the accessibility and features of their print and scan environment, while overseeing printing costs through centralised management.

Key features include print and scan from multiple locations; centrally manage printing costs within an organisation by tracking print volume and setting limits; ensure print and scan security through user authentication by the administrator, access control and data encryption; and print from or scan to third-party cloud storage such as Google Drive, OneDrive, Box and SharePoint.

Product Marketing Manager Graham Foxwell, said: “In this new age there is a need for cloud-based printing and scanning that is not only cost-effective, but flexible, secure and accessible across the enterprise.”



Star Micronics launches mPOPCI

Star Micronics mPOPCI is a combined printer and cash drawer solution with data and charging for iOS devices as well as support for Android and Windows devices. This model complements the existing mPOP Bluetooth version within the mCollection range.

To date, mPOP has been widely adopted across retail and hospitality. As a unique combined printer and cash drawer mobile point of purchase solution, it is lightweight and compact at just 10cm high and 30cm wide with a sleek, stylish design for any countertop. Alternatively, for improved space-saving and security, mPOP with front feed receipting can easily be placed under the counter.

Simon Martin, Director & General Manager, Star Micronics EMEA said: “The launch of mPOPCI demonstrates Star’s continued focus on the needs of SMEs alongside a recognition of the growing demand for mPOS and mobile payment solutions across retail and hospitality. We believe the versatility and unique features of mPOPCI will ensure its successful deployment in a wide range
of applications.”

__________________________________________________________________________ adds new feature to its SaaS offering has announced the release of Device Radar, an innovative new tool that turbo-charges the printing device on-boarding process.

Device Radar utilises multicast DNS (mDNS) and Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) protocols to search for and identify all printers on a customer’s network.

Network-connected devices are automatically onboarded to the platform and the Device Radar tool leverages artificial intelligence to set individual devices’ best-known configuration and enable advanced finishing features such as staple, fold etc., where available.

This latest upgrade delivers on the ISV’s commitment to provide an intuitive, seamless and straightforward customer experience (CX) for organisations looking to migrate print infrastructure to the cloud. The platform is feature-rich, compatible with all leading printer manufacturers and supports over 5,000 printer models. With Device Radar, customers can onboard and deploy an unlimited number of printing devices and make them accessible to end-users, in just a few clicks.

“Our focus is firmly on prioritising usability, performance and security to empower more organisations to create a secure, cloud managed print infrastructure,” said CEO David Jenkins. “The release of Device Radar demonstrates our commitment to continual innovation and is the first in a series of planned new platform enhancements.”