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Round up of other new technologies

Rubrik enters new markets with Andes 5.1 release

Multi-cloud data control company Rubrik, has announced its Andes 5.1 release launching ground-breaking solutions for data classification, automated DR orchestration and continuous data protection across Rubrik Cloud Data Management (RCDM) and Rubrik Polaris SaaS platform.

With Rubrik Andes 5.1, enterprises automate business compliance efforts, provide data mobility for business continuity, increase employee productivity and deliver cost savings through tool consolidation.

Polaris Sonar is a new SaaS application to discover, classify, and report on sensitive data across the enterprise environment with zero additional infrastructure required. Polaris AppFlows provides simple, natively integrated DR orchestration of failover/failback, testing, and application migration from data centres to Amazon Web Services (AWS).

Rubrik Andes 5.1 introduces advancements targeted to the evolving needs of large, complex, and increasingly cloud-native environments. Customers with large-scale AWS and Azure environments can unify their data management for multiple clouds and data centres under Rubrik’s SaaSbased Polaris GPS with a single console and set of SLA policies.

Rubrik support for enterprisegrade user access features have been upgraded to add additional productivity and security. With SAML Single Sign-On support, organisations can leverage their enterprise security standards including multi-factor authentication.

Finally, enterprises operating in heavily regulated industries, such as financial services and healthcare, can use Retention Locked SLA Domains to support WORM compliance for SEC Rule 17a-4(f) and FINRA Rule 4511(c) by preventing retention policies from being lowered or removed.

Next-generation touchscreen controller

The new StarLeaf Touch 2045 is a new breed of touchscreen controller for StarLeaf video meeting room systems.

The ultra-responsive interface delivers a simple yet feature-rich meeting experience with the ability to join meetings in just one touch and complete in-meeting control. With built-in StarLeaf Sense proximity technology, the Touch 2045 wirelessly detects StarLeaf users’ smartphones and synchronises their StarLeaf meetings with the room system, so users can join their meetings at the touch of a button, even if the room was not booked in advance.

Engineered in the UK, the StarLeaf Touch 2045 is elegant and ergonomic in design with a 10-inch high-resolution touchscreen that will complement any meeting room with a StarLeaf system installed.

New VPN solution for businesses

NordVPN is creating a new VPN solution dedicated to business clients. NordVPN Teams will have a full range of features to ensure advanced digital protection and convenience for small and medium businesses, remote teams and freelancers.

NordVPN Teams will keep some of the best NordVPN’s features, including 256- bit military-grade encryption, Kill Switch, CyberSec, automatic connection on Wi-Fi networks and 24/7 customer support with a dedicated manager.

One of the key benefits will be effective access management. Through a convenient control panel, business clients will be able to add team members, create user groups, manage team permissions, select default servers for teams, assign dedicated gateways and more.


Wireless charging

C&S Wireless has launched a range of wireless charging pads and trays in nine colours and five shapes, with a choice of two Qi charging speeds (5W and 10W). In addition to the standard designs, customers have the option to specify bespoke designs, including personalised wording, company logos and custom colours, patterns and shapes.


Facial registration

Enterprise visitor management specialist Proxyclick is launching real time identity verification to secure corporate buildings. The ID Match cloud solution uses facial recognition technology to check visitors’ faces against the photo on their passport or driving licence.

Co-Founder and Managing Director Geoffroy De Cooman, said: “Digitising the process of ID verification speeds up the check-in process, alleviates overloaded reception staff and removes potential ‘human error’ from the equation. Automating the process also frees up security personnel to focus solely on the ‘bad guys’, providing the 99% of ‘welcome’ visitors with a hassle-free check-in.”

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