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Lexmark unveils suite of cloud services solutions

Lexmark unveils suite of cloud services solutions

Lexmark Cloud Services is a suite of cloud solutions designed to help businesses remove the IT burden of managing their printing infrastructure and help partners save time and money by managing their customers’ devices remotely. The Lexmark Cloud Services offering includes:

Lexmark Cloud Print Management provides secure print release with deployment flexibility to meet the needs of each customer, including an innovative hybrid option that keeps print jobs inside the firewall for those environments that lack bandwidth or have unique compliance requirements.

Lexmark Cloud Fleet Management allows Lexmark channel partners to remotely manage devices at customer locations. Partner technicians can update firmware, apps and settings from any location, saving time and money.

Real-time analytics provide a snapshot of all printing, copying and scanning activity across the enterprise, enabling data-driven decision making and continuous improvement.

Lexmark Cloud Connector enables organisations to access, store and print documents from popular content sharing sites.

All Lexmark Cloud Services are supported by a real-time analytics dashboard, which gives organisations greater insight into their printing, copying and scanning practices. The dashboard provides real-time statistics on usage levels across individuals, business units, devices or offices, allowing organisations to identify additional cost saving opportunities and export data for additional analysis.


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