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Whats new from: Panasonic, Vivitek, Nutanix & Bullguard

4K picture quality

Panasonic has announced the availability of two new series of 4K UHD LCD displays. The SQE1 Series is a versatile line-up of advanced professional displays designed for around the clock operation to provide public information or retail signage or for use in a conference meeting environment. The CQE1 Series is a business level line-up of displays with exceptional 4K picture quality designed for the meeting and classroom, retail and hospitality industry.

Panasonic was the first to incorporate Intel Smart Display Module (SDM) capabilities into its 4K high-resolution LCD displays. The SQE1 Series includes the Intel SDM slot bringing intelligence and interoperability to its sleek design. It can be used for a variety of different business functions. These include as a built-in PC for digital signage and as a terminal board for broadcast and events.

Two new NovoProjectors
Two new NovoProjectors

Wireless presentation

Vivitek has announced two new NovoProjectors, the DH3665ZN and DH858N, both of which feature integrated NovoConnect wireless collaboration capabilities. The projectors offer 4,500 lumens light output and 1080p resolution and are designed for medium-sized meeting rooms.

Integrated NovoConnect features, such as wireless presentation and moderator functions makes these projectors suited for the BYOD era and do not require additional equipment. It is also possible to display up to four screens simultaneously, allowing for up to 64 people to participate in a meeting. In addition, the new all-in-one projectors provide cross-platform compatibility with Windows, MacOS, Ubuntu, Android, iOS and Chromebook. Internal meeting participants can connect effortlessly via the app or the NovoConnect software, while guests can easily use the Plug & Play USB Launcher. A new connection option, available to the entire NovoConnect range is the possibility of direct mirroring of content via a web browser.

Database as a service solution

Nutanix has announced the release of its cloud-agnostic multi-database management solution.

Era 2.0 extends the Nutanix database management solution across clouds and clusters to simplify operations, with increased scale and reduced costs for IT and database teams. Additionally, Nutanix announced expanded support for Postgres and SAP HANA as well as a joint solution, powered by Era 2.0, with global technology company HCL.

Era enables IT teams to deliver database as a service by bringing one-click simplicity and invisible operations to database provisioning and lifecycle management. It’s a multi-database solution with support for Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL, and MariaDB, in addition to Postgres and SAP HANA.

Products Bullguard
Products Bullguard

Multi-layered cybersecurity protection

BullGuard’s 2021 suite of antimalware solutions feature dynamic machine learning capabilities and multi-layered protection.

Multi-layered protection uses six layers of protection – safe browsing, dynamic machine learning, sentry protection for zero-day malware, an on-access AV engine, a firewall and a vulnerability scanner – to defend the user’s devices from malware, without the need for user interaction. The six layers work in tandem to create a buffer between the internet and each device BullGuard 2021 is installed on, catching inbound and local malware, any erroneous outbound communication to the internet, phishing scams and more.

Dynamic machine learning continuously monitors all processes on a user’s device, enabling real-time detection and blocking of potentially malicious behaviour before it can do damage, even if malware attempts to cut the internet connection. The advanced machine learning system stays one step ahead of cybercriminals by continually learning and improving based on threats that are detected across the entire BullGuard customer base.