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A round up of other new business technology from: Watchguard, SmartWay, Panasonic, Riello-UPS & Meet

Advanced performance

The new range of WatchGuard tabletop firewalls brings enterprise-grade security services and advanced performance to small, home and mid-sized offices.

Offering gateway antivirus, content and URL filtering, antispam, intrusion prevention, application control, cloud sandboxing, endpoint protections and more, the WatchGuard T20, T40 and T80 Fireboxes can be deployed as standalone solutions or be centrally managed from corporate headquarters or by a managed service provider.


COVID-safe workplace functionality

Smartway2 has added COVID-safe workplace functionality to its cloud-based workplace scheduling technology, which also uses analytics and data visualisation to show enterprises precisely how their meeting rooms, desks and other resources are being utilised.

The new functionality adds social distancing, contact tracing and sanitation checks to resource booking so that when someone books a desk in Smartway2, all surrounding desks within a specified radius are automatically taken out of service. When a desk is vacated, a countdown timer in the system prevents anyone else from booking it until it has been sanitised, with desk/room sign-off and release procedures fully automated.

The solution also includes digital desk displays that indicate whether a workstation is available, awaiting cleaning or out of service. In the event that someone falls ill, Smartway2 can produce contact tracing reports that identify at-risk colleagues, categorising their risk level depending on their proximity to the infected person.

Riello UPS NextEnergy 500 kVA
Riello UPS NextEnergy 500 kVA

Riello UPS extends NextEnergy range

Riello UPS has expanded its NextEnergy (NXE) series with a new and improved 500 kVA model.

The NXE 500 incorporates the latest transformerless technologies to deliver TÜV-certified operational efficiency up to 97% in online UPS mode, while its efficiency control system minimises wasted energy even at partial loads.

Delivering unity power in a compact footprint, the three-phase NXE series delivers best in class performance and includes several energy-saving features that reduce both power consumption and operating costs. These include a special active eco operating mode that powers the load using the bypass line as well as acting as a filter that eliminates the need for power factor correction. This function boosts efficiency to 98.5%.

Up to eight NXE UPS can be paralleled together to increase capacity or add redundancy. The series offers bottom or top cable entry and can also operate either with or without a neutral connection, making it suitable for three-wire installations. It comes with a large 7-inch colour LCD touchscreen display panel and easily integrates with DCIM and remote monitoring software.

Panasonic's next generation digital desk telephone
Panasonic’s next generation digital desk telephone

Digital desk phone series

Panasonic’s next-generation of business digital desk telephone – the KX-DT680 and the KX-DT635 feature a large colour LCD display screen, intuitive operation and customisation options.

Delivering a similar experience to its IP counterparts, the KX-DT680 has a highly visible and intuitive to use LCD colour display in a desk footprint much smaller than its predecessor. For corporate branding or communication purposes, branding and information can be easily imported onto the screen providing customisation options. With 48 self-label function keys, four tab page switching, and built-in electric hook switch the desk phone is easy to install, use and maintain.

Universal video call service

Cloud and edge solutions provider, G-Core Labs, has launched Meet, a universal video call service for businesses based on WebRTC technology. The solution, which is easy to integrate into a customer’s infrastructure, enables video calling without installing separate applications through browsers and devices.

Meet provides everyone with an opportunity to hold free and unlimited video calls and meetings for 15 participants, as well as webinars for 100 viewers. Meetings can be created in private meeting rooms secured with a PIN code.