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Frama offers new growth opportunities to Partners in the IT reseller community

Swiss manufacturer Frama has a fantastic relationship with its business partners in the channel. These partners, collectively known as the Frama Partner Network, are the backbone of a route to market highly valued by the franking machine experts.

Mark Phillips, Channel Sales Manager, Frama UK
Mark Phillips, Channel Sales Manager, Frama UK

Although traditionally partnered with copier companies, Frama is now looking towards the IT reseller community for businesses wanting to make the move into the profiable franking and mailroom equipment marketplace.

For dealers used to selling business machines, a move into the postal services arena is a logical and lucrative step. Franking machines, security scanners, electronic letter openers, folder inserters and shredders give them a breadth of product to attract new business and offer something new to loyal customers. Frama is actively looking to help dealers in the IT marketplace to make the most of this established market by offering them a wealth of new growth opportunities.

Growing presence

In the last few years, Frama has consistently increased its presence in the partner channel so that partners’ own salespeople can help spread the word about our products and brand directly to their customer base and prospects. The Frama Partner Network is a great way to work together and reach out to a wider audience.

Frama, the fastest growing Royal Mailapproved franking machine manufacturer and service provider in the UK, combines Swiss manufacturing and innovation with local customer-focused service. It has found that a partner doing well with offie equipment sales can make the move into franking machines and related products with relative ease, growing and adding value to their sales proposition.

Mark Phillips, Channel Partner Sales Manager for Frama UK, says: “The aim is to be seen as a single solutions provider. That is something Frama can nurture and build on, offering a different but relevant product line that they may well be asked for. We are able to extend our partner’s product portfolio, helping to diversify and generate a new stream of income.”

In the UK, only four manufacturers, including Frama, are authorised by Royal Mail to supply franking equipment to the marketplace.

Franking machines need to be registered and licenced with Royal Mail and have to be maintained to ensure the most up-to-date tariff information is available. This requirement may have deterred some dealers in the past, but Frama can help partners navigate this process, which when you know how, is easy.

Frama Matrix F82
Frama Matrix F82

Customers like having a recognised brand, but with the local relationship and care a partner can provide. This is a true win-win situation for everyone involved.

Support for partners

Mailroom equipment offers on-going revenue. In addition to the initial hardware sale, consumables and service generate a regular income. For servicing equipment, partners can either apply to Royal Mail for independent maintainer status and train their staff to become approved service engineers, or they can simply take a commission payment and let Frama’s team of mailroom specialists do the servicing for them. This choice highlights the flxible approach taken by Frama in its relationship with partners.

Once a partner is recruited we’ll provide all the tools and product knowledge they need to do the job. Further support is available from the marketing department, which is always available to answer any queries that may arise and assist on a daily basis. They can provide help with sales and product training for partner staff, site visits, open days, assistance at exhibitions and shows, or simply pick up the phone to tell people they are doing a great job! Lenny Wood, Marketing Manager for Frama UK, adds:

“We are constantly
looking to improve the marketing support we offer. We are always revising and improving our paperwork, including ‘How To’ and ‘FAQ’ documents to resolve any questions before they arise. Product videos are also planned and we are always happy to work with partners on regular campaigns and to ensure their website features the relevant information that will help them maximise franking machine sales, all as part of the package.”

Latest products

With Frama, our partners benefi from the very latest equipment. Earlier this year, a complete new range of franking machines was launched – the Matrix F series – to coincide with the introduction of a new £70m initiative by Royal Mail, the Mailmark service.

Mailmark makes it easier for Royal Mail machines to read the postage marks, with cost savings passed on to customers who use Mailmark franking machines. Mailmark technology future proofs clients enabling them to take advantage of all future Royal Mail products.

Frama also invests in software.

FramaOnline2 is a supremely securesystem for fiancial transactions, providing secure communication between fiancial institutions, postal authorities and the franking machine. Frama is certifid to ISO 27001 and FIPS 140-2 level 3, the highest possible security level for cryptographic modules.

With Frama offering Swiss quality, signifiant growth potential and a UK head offie and service centre, a move into franking machines and related offie products should be on the mind of all IT equipment sales businesses.

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