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Frustrations and challenges

According to global research from IT monitoring firm Paessler, the biggest issue for IT systems administrators at work is when systems are flagged as having problems when none exist. A third (34%) say false positives are their main issue. A similar proportion, (33%) are irritated by excessive and unnecessary notifications.

Management reporting is also cited as being a major frustration. Nearly one quarter, (23%) say they are being tied up with gathering information for often unnecessary reports, again acting as a distraction from their day-to-day roles.

Alongside these current frustrations, IT systems administrators also have specific concerns about what lies in the future. The current frustrations are compounded with areas that they see as upcoming challenges in the next two to three years. Half say cloud adoption is the top challenge they anticipate and two in five (41%) fear the extra pressure to maintain a resilient IT infrastructure given the increased importance and size of network operations which must now deliver for both home-based and office-based employees.