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Fujitsu extends fi-Range with A3 Production Scanner

The fi-7800 and fi-7900 A3 production scanners are the latest devices in Fujitsu’s flagship fi series. The new devices are designed for use in environments where paper heavy processes are the norm; from the digitisation of archived documents in the legal sector to manufacturers processing stock movements.

PFU has focussed its engineering excellence on creating high quality and capably designed devices. The scanners feature front-access controls to make the scanning process quick and easy and can also be operated from a seated position, saving time and effort when scanning large volumes of documents. The improved Stacking Control function controls paper output speed, and the Elevator Stacker automatically adjusts the position according to the amount of ejected paper to make retrieval comfortable.

A metal paper path has been added, reducing damage and friction when compared with resin pathways. The daily cleaning mode ensures longer product life by helping users clean the glass surfaces and rollers correctly. The scanners both incorporate LED lighting, which illuminates the inner workings of the device to make manual cleaning quick and straightforward when required.

Both devices also make use of PaperStream IP software, which enhances the quality of scanned images by removing stains, imprints and watermarks, supporting onward processes such as OCR (Optical Character Recognition).

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