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Furniture Charity Donation

TD SYNNEX’s Bracknell office refurbishment has resulted in furniture with a fair market value of more than £25,000 being donated – via redistribution specialist charity, the Waste to Wonder Trust – to the You Are Not Alone Foundation in Ghana.

Cycling back desks, chairs and other items prevents 10,000 kilograms of material from going to landfill and avoids the emission of 18,000 kilograms of carbon in virgin materials, harvesting and manufacturing.

TD SYNNEX has worked with Waste to Wonder to remove the furniture as part of a strategic plan to reduce its carbon impact and move towards net zero carbon (NZC). Kevin Wragg, Director of Environment and Quality Compliance at TD SYNNEX, UK, said: “When refurbishing the Bracknell site, as part of our commitment to sustainability, we wanted to reduce and reuse or recycle as much waste as possible. We’re pleased to say that this has been a resounding success with the added benefit that we have also been able to make a charitable contribution, with 100% of desks, chairs and other furniture being passed by Waste for Wonder to the You Are Not Alone Foundation in Ghana, where we are certain they will be put to good and productive use.”

Earlier this year, TD SYNNEX worked with specialist consultancy, Arete Zero Carbon to conduct a full assessment of its carbon emissions and develop a strategy and action plan to achieve net zero in the UK and Ireland operation. It has since launched a net zero carbon (NZC) consultancy service that partners can use to measure their own emissions and develop a NZC plan.