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GDPR: Don’t leave your print and document management to chance

71% of enterprises do not consider print as part of their GDPR strategy*

GDPR deadline: 25th May

Less than 30% of organisations have implemented strategies or solutions to secure their network printing environments in preparation for the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) deadline, 25th May. After this date, financial and reputational penalties for personal data breaches will increase dramatically. To mitigate these risks, organisations are urged to review and secure their output devices used for printing and scanning, through; intrusion detection, whitelisting, encryption and other tools.

While many organisations already make use of Data Loss Prevention (DLP) for digital communications, few apply the same priority and supervision to printed documents. This is despite the fact printed documents often contain personal data and/or confidential information and consequently pose a high security risk.

To prevent the loss of personal data within the print environment, organisations need more than just secure printing. They need a means of monitoring the content of print jobs and, where possible, automated policy controls to prevent unauthorised data being printed.

5 key considerations to consider for compliant network printing:

• Provide access management for user authentication/authorisation to print, copy, and send information electronically from printers and multifunctional products (MFPs)

• Protect documents at rest and while in motion through network communications, by using industry-standard data encryption

• Forensically inspect and protect content including personally identifiable information (PII) — for example, identify credit card and bank routing numbers, national identification and account numbers

• Provide accurate activity tracking for ongoing audits such as data protection impact assessments (DPIAs)

• Provide comprehensive reporting while leveraging data anonymisation to maintain user privacy


IDC has prepared a full report on Print Data Privacy and Compliance. The report is available to download from

Why FollowMe by Ringdale?

• Print Data Privacy by Design, including integrated Government-grade encryption, Data Loss Prevention and compliance tools

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• It’s the original FollowMe solution – invented 21 years ago

*“Low Investment in Print Security and Increasing Compliance Challenges Leave European Companies at Risk, IDC #EMEA42819617, June 2017”

To ensure your network printing environment is ready for the GDPR, please call the Ringdale team on 01444 871349