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‘Shaping and supporting the future of business continuity – IT Infrastructure’

Rahi Systems, a leading global IT Infrastructure provider and ZPE join forces for their first-ever virtual round table networking event.

Our industry leaders will discuss how modern IT Infrastructure Is shaping the future of business continuity.

In light of the global health pandemic related to Covid-19, Rahi Systems, a global leading IT Solutions Provider is guiding businesses of all sizes to ensure that they have implemented effective business continuity strategies. ZPE are providing their clients in the financial spaces with the worlds most technologically advanced IT Infrastructure solutions.

Workplace Productivity has been top of mind for all companies, and it may be all that we have read about over recent weeks! Our panel of experts will discuss the IT Infrastructures that have been quietly working in the background supporting not only Workplace Productivity, but the increased demands which have been placed on critical structure that support operational efficiencies and which are keeping the lights on for businesses and organisations at the moment.

What this crisis has proven is that the IT Industry can no longer afford old fashioned operating systems and management tools.

The manual and configuration changes required to keep organisations up and running is further complicated as teams try to manage devices from different vendors.

In short, companies spend too much time performing manual, inefficient, and repetitive processes to support their network hardware and software.

Within this space too, there is a lack of visibility of the total deployment with no centralised management, clustering, or absence of search capabilities to track changes in the network adds to the company’s woes.

The luxury of inefficiency can no longer be afforded.

Together with ZPE and Rahi, will discuss showcase some of the best-of-breed remote management technologies which they deploy to support customers.

The panel will also discuss the wider issues which the industry has had to rapidly respond to and what awaits in the future.

Mark Carlyle, Regional Sales Director EMEA, ZPE

Jim Wilson, Vice President of Sales, ZPE

Marcus Doran, General Manager EMEA, Rahi Systems

Date: April 16th, 3.00PM – 4.00PM (GMT) | 7.00AM – 8.00AM (PST)
Virtual Venue: Zoom Webinar

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