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G&G Spotlights Color Lineup & Remanufacturing at Ambiente 2023

G&G showcased a full range of professional printing solutions in Frankfurt, Germany, between February 3 and 7.

The G&G booth at Remanexpo, a pavilion within the Ambiente 2023 Expo, was crowded with visitors exploring state-of-the-art G&G printers and flawless printouts provided by G&G’s color lineup. The five-day event attracted a total of 154,000 buyers to Frankfurt.

“Customers were impressed by G&G’s capabilities in developing and delivering IP-safe and planet-friendly products.” said Oleg Zhao, General Manager of Seine (Holland) B.V.

With decades of experience in third-party supplies, Scott Odom, Director of Sales EMEA, Ninestar Image, delivered an insightful presentation which highlighted the importance of remanufacturing.

“I was able to pitch Ninestar’s remanufacturing capabilities, and the efforts the company has been made to support a sustainable future.” Odom added.

Here are key takeaways from Odom’s presentation:

* Chinese manufacturers like Ninestar not only make compatibles but also sets new global benchmarks for safe, reliable, and quality remanufactured products.

*  Ninestar has been successfully remanufacturing since 2000.

*  Ninestar invests heavily in patented technology as well as remanufacturing.

*  Ninestar sets an example by taking responsibility to care for our current and future generations.


To learn more about our showcasing products and solutions or if you would like to deep dive to Ninestar’s remanufacturing, feel free to contact us at