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Hewlett Packard Inc appoints their head of printer division as new CEO

Enrique Lores, who currently runs the $20 billion printer Business, is succeeding Dion Weisler from the 1st November 2018 as HP CEO.

Originally from Spain “Lores” Joined HP as an Intern 30 Years ago, He has vowed to “simplify” and “evolve” the company’s business model during a conference call with analysts following HP’s latest set of financials.

A statement on Enrique Lores Linkedin pages reads:

The Magic of HP

Exactly 30 years ago, I was an engineering student in Spain. A group of HP engineers came to my school to share their passion for innovation and opened my eyes to a new world of possibilities. They taught me that imagination has no bounds and inspired me to join HP as an intern, dreaming of doing the impossible.

That spirit has always been part of the magic of HP, and I continue to be inspired by our company’s unique ability to bring out the best of humanity through the power of technology. Each and every day, our people wake up with a passion to create game-changing innovation that pushes the limits of human potential and enables new kinds of human progress.

As much as I dreamed of creating the impossible, I never could have imagined where my personal journey through the halls of HP would lead. And I certainly never could have imagined that I would have the privilege of serving HP as our next CEO.

It’s especially humbling to succeed Dion Weisler, whose leadership has meant so much to so many of us. Dion has inspired our customers, partners and employees – unifying teams around the globe to build a strong foundation for growth.

It’s from this position of strength that we will continue to build and accelerate. Many of HP’s biggest opportunities lie in improving our ways of working and creating new capabilities so that we can meet a wider range of customer needs. Throughout this year, I’ve been leading a global review of our strategies and business operations – which has fueled my optimism and excitement about HP’s future and provided clear direction on the priorities ahead.

We are going to simplify our operating model and become a more digitally-enabled, customer-centric organization. We are going to evolve our business model and portfolio to ensure we continue delivering for our customers and partners. And we are going to continue investing in innovation to expand our industrial business and create the experiences of tomorrow all across HP.

We are also going to remain deeply committed to leading with purpose and upholding the strong HP values that guide everything we do. I truly believe that the most successful companies of tomorrow will be those that not only push the boundaries of innovation, but the ones that also unlock shared aspirations for a brighter future.

A purpose-driven culture has defined this great company since the moment Bill Hewlett and Dave Packard dared to dream of starting a business from their small California garage. It has paved the way for incredible success and achievements since we formed the new HP four years ago. And it instills me with energy and excitement about where we are heading.

The power of possibility that first drew me to HP is alive and well – and it will drive us to accomplish great things together for years to come.

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