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Home workers putting employers at risk

A study conducted by confidential shredding and records management company Go Shred, suggests that home workers in the UK are potentially breaching GDPR regulations by printing work related documents at home.

The top five items home workers admit to printing at home are: meeting notes/agendas (42%), internal documents including procedure manuals (32%), contracts and commercial documents (30%), receipts/expense forms (27%) and industry related copy (e.g. press release/brochure copy/articles/student work to proof) (24%). A fifth of home workers that have printed at home admit to printing confidential employee information including payroll, addresses, medical information and 13% have even printed CVs or application forms.

When asked whether they have disposed of any printed documents since working from home, nearly a quarter said they haven’t disposed of them yet as they plan to take them back to the office and a further 24% say they used a home shredding machine but then disposed of the documents in their own waste. 9% of home workers who have printed work related documents at home say they haven’t disposed of them yet but they do plan to in some way but 8% say they have no plans at all to dispose of the work related documents they have printed at home. 7% of home workers admit they haven’t disposed of any work related documents as they don’t know how to.