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HP: Customer support for a next generation of printers

The new HP xRServices powered by Microsoft HoloLens has been hailed by HP Inc. as the latest innovation for the next generation of printers.

The collaboration will see HP xRServices and Microsoft HoloLens 2 create a virtual real world combination in which customers can connect with HP engineers in a split second through mixed reality, advising them on any issue, at any point of their print production. Wearing the Microsoft HoloLens 2 headset and supported by HP xRServices solution, users will get the feeling of being physically present with a virtual coach on hand to guide them through the process, meaning no time wasted on long service calls, resolutions are swift and press downtime is kept minimal.

Compatible with all HP industrial printers, users whether digital native or novice, will be able to be trained and adapt quickly to doing tasks, guided step-by-step with their virtual HP engineer, the instructions moving with the employees to easily direct them to the parts or problems they need to solve in a second. And, by leveraging HP’s Print OSx, managers will clearly see how to combine the data generated from doing the work, with transactional data to drive optimisation and smoother productivity for future.