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HP Inc. PrintIT Awards – Q&A

Mark Davitt, winner of the PrintIT Awards 2020 ‘Channel Leader of the Year,’ discusses HP’s latest wins at the PrintIT Awards, along with the lessons from the previous year and what HP is most excited for.

1. What does it mean to HP to be recognised for 5 PrintIT Awards? HP Awards includes: Vendor of the Year, MFP Line of the Year, Desktop Printer Line of the Year, Print ITAward for Security, and Channel Leader of the Year.


Mark Davitt (MD): We’re thrilled that HP has been recognised as a winner for 5 PrintIT Awards this year, including Vendor of the Year. With 95% of every product and contract being sold through our partner community this is an award that recognises their brilliance. It’s a true testament to the efforts of every member of the HP team and its partners, who consistently work together to deliver amazing results.

As a multi-billion-pound industry, print businesses are known globally for delivering solutions to workplaces, hospitals, schools and governments alike. We are thrilled for the recognition of how our products and services are driving innovation and providing the best possible solutions and outcomes for society. These awards are a positive sign that our channel partners trust in us to provide the most complete print offerings.

On a personal note, I’m humbled and honoured to have been recognised as ‘Channel Leader of the Year’. It has been a different and difficult year for everyone. We care about the way we work with our partners and are committed to develop long-lasting relationships with our valued channel partners. Thank you to all who nominated me, and to the judges for this award.

2. What have been the lessons learnt from the previous year?

PIT  Winner Award
PIT Winner Award

MD: It is undeniable that 2020 brought challenges that none of us could have predicted, with disruptions across all industries. As workers and students around the world transitioned to new ways of working, from a business perspective this shift reinforced what we have always believed: printing is essential. Our findings from HP’s Workforce Evolution Study highlighted that many employees were not set-up with the technology required to work remotely. In the UK, 67% of those surveyed had to purchase or upgrade their office equipment themselves, and only 24% received guidance from their employer on the new ways of working. This transition accelerated plans for innovation and IT transformation.

PIT Winner Award - Channel Leader of the Year
PIT Winner Award – Channel Leader of the Year

We have also seen the acceleration of Managed Print Services megatrends, including how Workflow, Security, Sustainability and Cloud Commercial printing has evolved. We’re focused on offering the enterprise experience to a distributed workforce which includes: security, workflow, and manageability. In particular, the focus on security has rocketed as businesses are exposed to new vulnerabilities from remote working and the increase use of home equipment to complete work tasks. In this new hybrid work environment, HP has worked to connect enterprises with secure consumer systems by building a secure digital ecosystem for modern printing, with the cloud at the core. We understand the importance of staying ahead to secure the future, and the emphasis our customers and partners place on Device, Document and Data security. To have our security efforts and innovations recognised independently by the judges is a fantastic achievement for HP and our Partner Teams supporting our customers.

Although our customers’ lives will never be the same, printing will remain important. HP is positioned to continue driving growth and innovation across all fronts – with strategic investments across our services, software and hardware, and through our commitments to security and sustainability.

3. What is HP most excited about for the year ahead?

PIT Winner Award - Vendor of the Year
PIT Winner Award – Vendor of the Year

MD: Sustainability is at the core of everything we do, and our goal is to become the most sustainable and just technology company by 2030. We are excited to have recently announced Amplify Impact, a first-of-its-kind training and assessment programme for our partners. Amplify Impact provides partners with our best-in-class Sustainable Impact resources – including training, sales tools and marketing assets – to help them on their own sustainability journeys. The programme’s mission is to drive accountability through the IT industry across key pillars, including people, planet and community. Participating partners will be recognised by certifications and an annual awards programme.

As we look to the year ahead, we will be collaborating with our partners to help cultivate a diverse and equitable supply chain, unlock educational opportunities, drive a low-carbon, circular economy and improve the everyday lives and resilience of local communities. We have a strong ecosystem that reaches all corners of the globe, so by bringing our partners along this journey with us, we can work together to create a more sustainable environment for all.