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A new study reveals potential Hybrid workforce headache

Resellers will have a central role to play in helping IT leads manage hybrid workforces as employee demand is split between working in the office and at home, according to Brother UK.

A study of almost 300 office-based employees reveals a divide in appetite for returning to work, with 53% of respondents saying they feel safer working from home in the current climate while 37% say they are looking forward to getting back to the office.

Andy Johnson, Brother’s Head of Product and Solutions Management said: “IT leads are faced with the challenge of not only managing a mix of office and home working technology on a longer-term basis, but also making sure they can operate productively while keeping employees safe.

“Businesses will need their reseller partners on hand to help them with a range of challenges, from ensuring they have the right printing and scanning devices so people can work in the office safely, to providing remote working tools so those at home can operate securely at distance.”