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I couldn’t do my job without: Christian Burton, Founder and CEO of Pipeline Upgrade Ltd

….picks the tools he uses every day and couldn’t do his job without

1 My whiteboard
I am one of those old school guys when it comes to working. Although there are great apps like Trello which a lot of people use, and is like an online whiteboard, I am one of these people that like to write things down physically.

My whiteboard is what I use to plan world domination and it’s what I use for everything. I’m a very visual person, so every day I wake up and I write my list on that board and if I am creating a campaign it always gets drawn on that board. I would say my whiteboard is one of the most powerful tools that I have got and I would never replace that with just an app, because I don’t think it gives the same effect.

2 LinkedIn Sales Navigator
Sales Navigator can give you a very close insight to targeting specific individuals and companies. From the perspective of trying to reach people and identify new prospects, there is no better tool in my opinion out there than Sales Navigator.

3 YouTube
I could never do my job without YouTube. It is the second biggest search engine in the world after Google. The beauty of it is anything you ever want or need to know, whether it is how to use a new tool or how to overcome a problem or a challenge, whatever it is you can find it on YouTube, and it is a go to place to me for all those reasons.

Nespresso coffee machine
Nespresso coffee machine

4 Nespresso coffee machine
After years of having terrible coffee, I discovered the power of having a Nespresso machine! My daily reward is to have a really nice coffee and not only for its energy effects. If I had to go back to instant coffee I would feel like I had had a step down in life. My machine is my pride and joy and it is about the fun of trying different capsules. My coffee has to be black and my favourite is Roma.

5 A great team with a shared goal
We at Pipeline Upgrade have a motto, which we all follow and it’s ‘don’t get so busy making a living that you forget to make a life’. That’s the vision and backbone of the business. That’s why I set the business up, it is why we are all about remote working, it is why we are about flexible hours, everything we do comes from that motto.

It is important to work hard and do a great job for our clients but we all have to be aiming towards the same goal and same vision, which is to not get so busy making a living. It is not all just work, work, work, we are doing this to create a great life and that should always be our shared goal.

6 Mindfulness coach
Three years ago, before I even knew what a mindfulness coach was, I discovered Matt, and right now I couldn’t imagine running a business without having one by my side. He helps me stay motivated and reposition things when perhaps some things don’t go so well. He’s a great guy to make sure my mind is always in the right place, both in work and out of work.

If you are happy at home, you are happy at work and if you are happy at work, you are happy at home. Mindfulness has become quite popular in the last year or so and one of the most popular apps right now is a mindfulness app called Headspace. I tried using that app but I couldn’t get the same value out of that as having an actual personal mindfulness coach, someone I have to sit down and talk to, which I do every week, it’s like having a mind MOT.