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I couldn’t do my job without…

Regina Bluman, Head of Brand and Marketing at Logicalis picks the tools she uses every day and couldn’t do her job without

1.Collaboration platforms

Collaboration platforms
Collaboration platforms

Even pre-pandemic, platforms like Microsoft Teams and Cisco Webex facilitated conversation cross-office, cross-country, and cross-continent, but they’ve really come into their own since lockdown. Being able to collaborate in real-time with co-workers, agencies and partners has been invaluable. Teams has definitely replaced email for a lot of quick conversations, and it really helps me focus my efforts to make me more productive and enables everyone to get work signed off much more quickly. I think even once we’re back in the office, these tools have replaced so many meetings which should have been an email and I hope they’re here to stay.

The IT channel as a whole has really stepped up during these turbulent times, and we’ve been incredibly lucky to be supported by some stellar vendors. Partners like Cisco, Microsoft and IBM have made some incredible offers available to customers, and they’ve really put the power of their global supply chain behind us to enable us to deliver when our customers really need us the most. From providing free licenses to delivering remote support, they definitely deserve a shout-out for putting profit aside and putting people first.

A marketing campaign without data is as useful as the proverbial chocolate teapot. Data is the truth behind all of the ‘fluff’ that marketing is so often known for. The numbers tell you what is working and what isn’t, who is listening and who isn’t, and who’s buying and who isn’t. Good data should come from your channels, your sales teams, your marketing automation system, and your platforms, and you should be checking it constantly. If you don’t have good data and insights, you simply cannot market well.


While I know there are normally two camps of people, those who love music while they work and those who are vehemently against it, I am a firm member of the former. Spotify has always been a saviour for me when I’m on a tight deadline, but now with working from home, it has become more important than ever to have the right music to help me set the tone and focus my mind. ‘Music for Concentration’ is my favourite playlist for digging deep and drowning out the world, but sometimes an oldies or sing-along playlist that I can bop along to is what I need to lift my mood after a tough day of meetings. If I’m designing or working on the website, I normally go for deep house just to keep me energised!

5.My co-workers
This is probably a very clichéd answer, but it couldn’t be truer for me. Every department plays such a vital role in our marketing efforts. I need the technical expertise from our engineers to make sure I’m positioning a product or solution correctly, I need the sales team to feed back and let me know what they’re hearing from their customers, and I need HR to ensure that our employees are our biggest advocates for telling our brand story. Especially since we’ve started working from home, it has been the connection with my co-workers that has kept me engaged and connected, and they’re the faces I can’t wait to see again when we’re allowed. Going for ‘one’ after work has never sounded so appealing!