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I couldn’t do my job without…

Pietro Renda, Chief Marketing Officer at MPS Monitor, picks the tools he uses every day and couldn’t do his job without

1 My curiosity 

There are no limits to learning new things. The world is running, rapidly changing and being constantly updated on the latest discoveries in communication, is part of my nature. Social media, taking a modern example, was first used as a platform to keep in contact with friends and family. To this day, it is still used to stay in touch with people, but it is also being used for sharing photos, videos and news, networking for career opportunities, sharing status updates, participating in discussions, marketing purposes and engaging with customers. The evolution of social media is staggering. Over 3.8 billion people use social media daily, around 45 per cent of the world population. And my goal is to find the simplest way to communicate with all of them, one day. That is why I will never stop to read, to test new tools, to ask questions to experts… and curiosity grows.

cute cat
cute cat

2 My cat 

Sharky is his name, he has been living in our family for four years. Ours is a relationship of understanding and complicity. Especially in this period of long lockdown he is always next to me. I work on the PC and he very discreetly stretches out on the desk, I am making a video call and of course he loves to show himself on video to the participants, he patiently waits for my coffee break to have a small snack served. We all get stressed out, and people have many ways of relieving their stress. I can reduce tensions by just stroking my furry friend’s head. I have learned that petting a cat releases endorphin into the brain, which makes you happier and I think it’s true. Also, Sharky has very soft fur!

3 My tablet 

It offers all the advantages and comforts for those who conceive the business like me. I do not like working in the office, I tend to go out and listen to customers, compare myself and ask questions. I strongly believe that all the answers we are looking for are out of the office. No strategy made at the table without an optimal comparison on the field was effective. The tablet is light, connects to my files, allows me to check emails, the screen is larger than the smartphone and I can use it to present data. I collect data, images, and log comments that I will use to develop projects. But not only work, even entertainment. With the right applications I can watch my favourite team’s matches when the TV is occupied by the family, read my favourite books, and hear the music I prefer, sipping a great Italian wine in complete relaxation on the sofa. Some technologies have really improved the way we live and work, for me the tablet is absolutely one of them.

4 The sea 

I was born and live in Milan, a big city, organised, orderly and recognised worldwide as the heart of fashion, shopping and business. In Milan there is everything, only one thing is missing… the sea. Born in Milan but of Sicilian origin, I experienced the real sea in an island that is enchanting. Why do I love the sea so much? It brings me joy, walking on a beach and hearing the sound of crystal clear water transmits indescribable emotions and memories of when I was very young. After months of work, it is great fun to plan family holidays by the sea; we arrive and feel a lighter air, the intense scents and cannot wait to watch the first sunset over the sea with my wife. I could not start working again, facing the winter, without having experienced the emotions and energy that for me only the sea can deliver.

5 New challenges 

After 23 years working at Lexmark as Marketing and Sales Director of Hardware and Supplies, I felt the strong need for a complete change – no longer hardware, but software and services, no longer a corporation, but an Italian company with ambitions to expand on a global scale. I joined MPS Monitor and now feel new energy, have met new people (real talents my new colleagues), am involved in areas that are unknown for now and am starting to learn again – the curiosity to discover more grows. New challenges are vitamins for me and really… I could not do my job without them.