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I couldn’t do my job without…

Richard Wells, Head of Business Sales, Epson UK, picks the tools he uses every day and couldn’t do his job without

1 Microsoft Teams After such a significant transition to home-based working over the course of the pandemic, it would be difficult not to put Teams at the forefront of things that I’ve relied on. It’s enabled me to efficiently keep in touch with my sales teams and our channel partners and to control the sales process without the need for travel.

 In turn, this has enabled us to further accomplish Epson’s goal of reducing its corporate footprint within the UK. Moreover, the success working via Teams means I can look forward to a more sustained period of agile working, enjoying virtual collaboration with key stakeholders at home and via my office-based AV set-up and 100 inch wall projection.

2 My office-based AV set-up Leading on from my last point, I’m really looking forward to being back in the office. In particular, I can’t wait to be collaborating with our sales and channel partner network (spanning the breadth of the UK and Ireland) – without having to stare continuously at just my laptop! 

My interactive, ultra-short throw Epson projector with a 100 inch display, married with a HD smart video conferencing camera, transforms my meetings into a more energetic and creative environment where I find myself standing up, pacing around the room, gesticulating and engaging more enthusiastically in a meeting. It’s people that make an organisation work well, and while the pandemic may have physically isolated us from one another, there’s a lot to be said about the technology we choose to try and fill this socially distanced void with.

3 My key card For one thing, my key card lets me into the office, which is where I take most pleasure in getting my work done. But it’s also what allows me to release my prints from the shared office-based printer, which makes for a greener technology investment rather than individual office printers. Plus, thanks to Epson Print Admin (EPA), I have total security of the prints I do make, simply swiping my card on the device when I’m ready to receive my prints. I can also avoid releasing unnecessary prints – minimising waste and saving paper.

4 My at-home printer That’s right, and yes, it’s an Epson. While Teams has been an invaluable vehicle for connecting with my colleagues and channel partners, staring at a small laptop screen all day does cause a lot of strain. This is particularly true for longer documents based on tenders, frameworks, environmental reports, news releases and billing, to name a few. 

My Epson WF-C5790 is a great desktop MFP with a low footprint. It doesn’t heat up my home office each time I print (in the way a laser would), and its high yield ink means I can get high usage at a low cost without having to stockpile consumables. I’ve printed and scanned a lot during the lockdown and having a personal affinity and belief in the products we’re selling through the channel generally makes it a lot easier to do my job.

5 My reseller and distribution partners As Epson only sell through the channel, 100 per cent of business sales are made through our network of partners. As such, our greatest strength comes from our distribution and reseller partners that cover the breadth of the UK and Ireland, each offering their own specialisms across different vertical and horizontal customer bases. 

Having worked in both reseller and distributor roles prior to Epson, I understand both the opportunities and the challenges facing our partners. I may sound like a broken record in repeating that sustainable, heat-free inkjet is where the greatest opportunities are in this market – but it’s true! However, Epson having the right products and services is nothing without the commitment, foresight and level-headedness we see from our partners in realising the success of providing outstanding yet environmentally beneficial print solutions.

6 My LinkedIn account Anyone that knows me will recognise that I’m an extremely active LinkedIn user. It’s the perfect vehicle for me to get my thoughts out to the world while keeping abreast of all the developments in all the verticals in which Epson operate. 

On LinkedIn, there’s an international ecosystem of company pages from Epson and our partners, along with everyone’s personal profiles. I love sharing the success of our channel partners with their end-users and seeing our messages about the endless benefits of heat-free printing engaged with by a global community of industry players. 

I see LinkedIn as a productive distraction from other tasks during the day that I can access from my laptop or my mobile whether I’m at my desk or making a cup of coffee.