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I couldn’t do my job without

Kasia Holthouse, Strategic Partnerships Director at ECI Solutions, picks the tools she uses every day and couldn’t do her job without. 

1 My babysitter
Combining parenting with a full-time job has never been easy. When lockdown occurred and schools/nurseries were closed it was escalated to a whole new level. During the third lockdown, we took advantage of childcare bubbles and hired help. This move was life-changing: no more parenting from work, no snack requests on video calls, no catching up with work after bedtime, no mum guilt – it positively influenced my performance as well as my kids’ mental health. 

Google Translate
Google Translate

2 Google Translate
Being multilingual is a big asset when working in an international company. At ECI, I cover the sales in the EMEA region and found that international customers appreciate the option to converse in their local language. Google Translate helps with the written communication a lot, especially when the deadlines are tight. One caveat: always read and understand what you’re sending to your customers. 

3 IM technology
Throughout my career at ECI, which has been five years now, I have worked from home and use various IM technologies regularly to exchange information quickly and informally. Teams or any instant messaging tools are also my way of socialising, a remote equivalent to bothering someone at their desks or having a watercooler conversation. 

Multiple Screens
Multiple Screens

4 Multiple screens
I really don’t understand how people can be productive with one screen only. Dual monitors allow me to use multiple applications at the same time, they make everything more visible and allow me to multitask. In this situation, the bigger the screen the better it is for me whilst working. 

5 My team
I don’t think I need to emphasise the importance of a team, especially in sales. The support you get from technical teams, the feedback, help from management, the input of finance or the advice from your colleagues. Sales may seem like a one-man show, but it is far from it. My success is the success of our team.