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I couldn’t do my job without…

Gary Tomlinson, Solutions Director at SOS Systems, picks the tools he uses every day and couldn’t do his job without

Microsoft Office Teams

1 Microsoft Teams
I’ve always been an advocate of working remotely and using innovative tools/apps to help me stay productive wherever I’m working, and during the pandemic, Microsoft Teams has been a leading factor in that. 

As a pro services team we set an ethos of trying to move away from emails and to use a collaborative tool instead. Teams has enabled us to create several different channels and communities for projects and solutions that provide instant update and feedback to all relevant members. 

Another huge step forward was being able to communicate externally with customers and suppliers, this has created a great environment to keep all members up to date with the latest project and solution updates. 

2 iPad and Apple Pencil
I’m always taking notes, writing down vital bits of knowledge and info throughout the day. However, taking a notepad with me becomes a bit annoying, especially when transitioning between old and new notebooks. 

Being a lover of tech and new gadgets, two years ago I decided to invest in an iPad plus Apple Pencil and I’ve not looked back! It allows me to use all the daily work apps but taking notes through a single app (OneNote) helps me stay productive, creative but also secure with all the information I’m noting down. 

3 My SOS Team
I totally believe in ‘you’re only as good as the people you work with’ and the team we have built at SOS is one of the best around. Our team isn’t afraid to question and challenge our customers to fully understand the business problems so we can provide the best solution. 

Technology is always evolving, especially due to the new world we live in, and our team is constantly evolving with this and collaborating as a team, helps us all develop to support our customers moving forward. 

One of the best things about our team is our togetherness, it feels very much like a big family and enables employees to learn, evolve and upskill with the full support of the business.

4 Peloton bike
Mental wellbeing is such a key part of our day to day life and for me personally, exercise is a big part of me staying healthy, physically and mentally. As we couldn’t get to the gym during lockdown, I invested in a Peloton bike and it’s been one of the best investments I’ve made, I’m completely hooked and quite a few lbs lighter! 

Having the bike in the next room allows me to break away from the long days in front of the screen to take some time out to refresh and refocus, with no excuses of having to travel to the gym. 

We invest in so many things nowadays but we sometimes forget to invest time and effort into our physical health, even just 20 minutes can set you up for the day ahead.