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I couldn’t do my job without…

Mike Anderson, Head of Marketing at Brother UK, picks the tools he uses every day and couldn’t do his job without

Brother office

1 The Brother Office app
We’ve adopted a hybrid working model and invested in redesigning our office spaces to support collaborative working and social interaction. 

On top of our new breakout spaces and a refreshed interior design, we’ve also introduced a new Brother Office mobile app. 

I can book a parking space, a desk, a meeting room through the app, which all helps me to get the most out of my three days in the office every week. 

2 Microsoft Teams
Rolling out Microsoft Teams across the company in January 2020 meant that we were prepared in advance to handle the sudden shift to home working
last March. 

It’s hard to know how businesses could have coped without it during lockdown and these programmes are central to the hybrid working concept. 

Teams has continued to play a huge part in my day-to-day routine as we move between the office and working from home. It’s the key tool I use for organisation, collaborating and keeping in touch with our colleagues in the UK and across Europe.

Brother mini Business printer

3 My Brother Mini Business printer
I have one of our new Mini Business printers for my office at home. I find it really useful when reviewing reports or materials to print them out and to find a space away from my screen and email interruptions. It helps me to focus on the task at hand and to stay present. 

4 A tight-knit community of agencies
We work alongside a great group of specialist agencies that we view as an extension of our marketing team and some of the relationships we have with these businesses, go back as far as 20 years. 

The work that we do with these partners on strategy, consultation, and content is vital in helping our channel partners to learn more about our product ranges and solutions, from managed print services to managed label services, and helping them to provide their customers with the devices they need. 

5 The Brother UK team
Technology has played a huge role in keeping our team connected over the last 18 months. But it’s no replacement for face-to-face interaction. 

It’s been great to see the team in person since we returned to the office at the end of August. The culture we have continued to nurture is clear to see under one roof and there is a great feel and energy around the office now that we’re all back.