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I couldn’t do my job without…

Greig Millar, General Manager for Sales at Brother UK, picks the tools he uses every day and couldn’t do his job without………

1.My home office In the early days of the pandemic, the only space to work from at home was in the attic, where the office set-up involved perching on the end of a mattress and with the computer placed on an upturned box. It’s safe to say our HR department was fairly concerned when they checked in to help establish proper working spaces at home.

Now, I’ve redecorated a brand-new home office, complete with a new wooden desk instead of the upturned cardboard box, and a leather armchair to replace the end of the mattress.

Having a comfortable environment to work in makes all the difference, which is the driving force behind the re-design of our Greater Manchester HQ to support our new hybrid working model. The new break-out spaces and meeting rooms mean we get to enjoy the healthy buzz of collaboration again.

Sheffield Half Marathon

2. Running regularly I’ve always been into my running but during lockdowns and looking after two young children, I wasn’t able to get out as much as I’d liked. It’s made me realise just how much of a positive impact that running has on my mental health and my work.

I’ve now signed up for the Sheffield half marathon in March, which has been difficult to get in shape for after Christmas. I really enjoy the time to think about things that running gives me, and how it helps clear my head and gear me up for the day.

3. My Brother Mini Regular printer Naturally, my printer gets more use than ever, particularly as the kids spend more time learning from home.

My youngest is in her first years at school and she constantly needs tasks and homework printing out. And when it’s not schoolwork, it’s the various colouring pages they can get from places like Brother’s Creative Centre.

Fortunately, my new Mini 19 Regular model is the perfect size for my home office and has the capacity to print all the pages to the quality we need.

4 .Teams and the team I suppose it may be a cliché by now to talk about how Microsoft Teams has changed our working experience, but it really has. It’s made work possible when it otherwise may not have been.

It’s really done what it says on the tin – bring teams together. The Brother family has been able to remain connected and we’ve found a new way to collaborate. For example it’s now second nature to drop documents into the meeting chat and work on a task together as though we were in the office.

That said, sometimes taking a break from screens is a great way to renew productivity, by gathering round a table and finding solutions in person.

Apple Watch

5. My gadgets It sounds silly, but technology has revolutionised the way I work. For example, my Apple Watch is essential to making sure I don’t miss any messages and that I’m reminded of what meetings I have coming up in the day.

I’ve set up a large-format monitor as part of my home office makeover, which means I can have three or four documents open at the same time. No more time lost losing focus by scrolling between tabs and windows.

Also, with remote meetings set to continue, I’ve upgraded to a 4k webcam so that meetings aren’t distracted by pixelated screens and lagging connections.