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I couldn’t do my job without…

James Gilmore, Head of Product & Design at, picks the tools he uses every day and couldn’t do his job without

1 Trello
While there are more enterprise-level Agile Management Tools out there, I absolutely love Trello for its simplicity and its extensibility. Trello helps me manage everything from my own time to the product backlog and product roadmap. With its support for SSO, it allows easy collaboration and transparency with internal teams and makes working with our partners a cinch. It really is an agile tool for agile teams.

2 Calendly
Calendly revolutionised booking meetings for me. It makes booking meetings fast and effortless, totally eliminating the back and forth. I can share a link that shows my availability and colleagues, customers or anyone else, can simply schedule a meeting with me by selecting a slot in my available times. They automatically receive a calendar invitation with a link to the online meeting and it’s as easy as that.

We have also embedded Calendly on our website, which enables partners, customers or prospects to choose a 15 or 30 minute technical support call,
or book a demo or set-up session for example. These requests are ‘round robin’ between whoever is in the calendar and the platform fairly distributes meetings among the people in the group.

3 Nespresso coffee machine
I do enjoy a good coffee and instant just doesn’t cut it. My Nespresso serves a barista-quality brew and I couldn’t get through the day without it. That said, I have yet to find the perfect pod to make the perfect flat white – at the moment I’m using two pods and a lot of milk, but I’m sure there’s a better way!

4 Zapier
At we try and automate as many of our repetitive tasks as possible. Using an API orchestration tool such as Zapier to create workflows between different applications helps us achieve automation without having to write custom scripts ourselves.

As an example, we utilise Zapier when a customer or prospect generates a quote through our quote generator – Zapier catches the quotation request and sends me a message in Slack as an alert while automatically creating a reminder in my calendar to follow up on it in five days time.

5 partner portal
The partner portal is a one-stop shop for our partners to register leads and gain insight into their lead’s interaction with Partners can track information such as: trial generation, last login, number of prints in the last seven days, and any quotes that have been generated.

Partners can also extend trials or even convert trials into licensed customers from the portal. In essence, it gives our partners complete control and authority over all accounts and leads that they have with us.

6 Apple Music
I’m a music fanatic and while I hate using such a cliche term – eclectic is the only word to really describe my music taste (although my wife would probably describe it as bad). From Slipknot to Taylor Swift, De La Soul, and Stereophonics, you name it I’m listening to it.



Nespresso coffee machine