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I couldn’t do my job without…

Nigel Eaton, General Manager, My Q, picks the tools he uses every day and couldn’t do his job without

1.Microsoft O365 In this (hopefully) post-pandemic world, you cannot help but be impressed by how it is constantly developing and improving to stay number one. Teams and OneDrive/SharePoint are now business essentials allowing user agility without any loss of functionality, the staples that are Word, PowerPoint and Excel, then the clever little add-ins like Microsoft Viva which is keeping an eye on my emails with clever keyword analysis and sends daily reminders as a check mechanism keeping me on track.

Here at MyQ, we have fully embraced this ‘work anywhere, anytime’ philosophy and introduced our MyQ Roger Digital Workplace Assistant solution, this game changing public cloud-based solution allows users the freedom to complete their tasks as easily from a café as they would from their office desk. It won the 2021 PrintIT Award for mobile app of the Year and there is so much more to come yet.

Apple device

2.iPhone 13 Pro Max What Apple have packed into this device (and the iPad) is nothing short of astonishing. I have just returned from two weeks annual leave and the number of things I could get done by simply having this with me, has saved not just my time on return, but also allowed me to stay in touch with both my team and my colleagues. I have access to emails, messages, cloud storage etc. there is so much satisfaction in being able to do these things from a sun lounger! The large screen and top quality camera just make it the total package allowing me to participate in our recent showtime event.

Freedom chair

3 .Humanscale freedom chair Like many of us, I work mainly from home, and I am lucky enough to have a dedicated study to work from, often that means I am in the same place for 8-10 hours a day rather than covering 18-20 thousand miles a year as was the case pre-pandemic. For that length of time, posture and comfort are key and this amazing chair has been with me for years ensuring I don’t get the aches and pains associated with such a sedentary existence. Special mention to my Schwinn Cross-Trainer too. Expensive? Yes, but worth every penny and highly recommended.

4. Headspace app I’m now at the age where I need to be a little more careful to make sure l look after myself and in a demanding role, mental health is every bit as important as physical health. I am not yet ready to embrace Buddhism and veganism fully, but taking a few moments during the day to stop, relax and reset, is one of the best things you can do. There are a number of similar apps but as this one links with both Apple Health and Vitality Health; it is perfect for me.

5. The MyQ family Here at MyQ, everyone has a passion for what we do, and I am very proud to be part of such a great team. This runs throughout the entire business, and everyone has the right to have their voice heard. Our CEO is an inspiration, not one to sit back and watch from afar, he’s regularly joining us in customer meetings, so he gets to hear and see for himself what our customers and their customers want from us. He then makes sure this goes back to our product owners and developers. You will see from our social media that we know how to have fun too!