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I couldn’t do my job without…

Chris Gaskin, Technical Pre-Sales Consultant, ORdigiNAL, picks the tools he uses every day and couldn’t do his job without

1 Microsoft Teams Telephony
I know Teams is a frequent nominee in this feature, but I guess that goes to show how well adopted it is, and how much the majority of us rely on it.

Aside from the usual meetings, video calls and instant messaging, which I use day-in-day-out, I find the telephony functionality invaluable; being able to quickly add associates to a meeting on their telephone has on numerous occasions prevented the need to reschedule a discussion and saved me countless hours. On top of that, being a mobile worker with customers and contacts worldwide, having the ability to make international telephone calls from anywhere with an internet connection saves the worry of mobile phone reception dropouts and the hassle of organising call plans.

2 Kofax Printix
Having acquired the responsibility of managing print within the business, the introduction of Printix to ORdigiNAL’s products and services portfolio was a welcome addition and was quickly adopted internally.

Printix is a true SaaS, serverless print management solution which allows me to manage printers in a cloud-based portal from anywhere. With a high proportion of our users being home-based and mobile, ensuring everybody had access to print regardless of their location could be a challenge, but after implementing Printix it is now managed automatically saving me endless hours; locally available printers are deployed to laptops and smart devices when colleagues walk into an office or home. And with the Printix Anywhere printer, documents can be printed on-the-go and securely held until released at a printer using an ID card, code, or smartphone app.

Kofax logo

3 Kofax Power PDF and SignDoc                                                                 In my role, compiling information and building documentation is a daily occurrence so having a powerful document editing tool like Kofax Power PDF Advanced is a must. Power PDF allows me to quickly and easily combine multiple documents, created in various applications into a single, editable PDF. Once merged I can reorder or remove pages, edit text and objects, create bookmarks and add a table of contents prior to finalising the document for distribution. If I need any end-user input, or I create a questionnaire, the FormTyper tool allows me to quickly convert the document into a static form allowing the recipient to easily complete the relevant fields. And, if the document requires sign-off or is contractual, I can use the inbuilt digital signature tool to insert a signature field or the integrated Kofax SignDoc feature to create an e-signature approval workflow via the cloud.

4 Google Translate
Working with a team of European colleagues who all speak English, I admire and envy their multilingual abilities. Unfortunately, I don’t have the same grasp of their languages so, when working on international projects, it’s extremely beneficial having Google Translate to quickly translate any foreign language documentation that falls upon my desk. It’s bookmarked in my browser and always on hand when needed.

5 The Home Office
A comfortable, functional working environment is crucial for a productive day so, being a remote worker, having a dedicated home office is a blessing.  I have a high-specification HP ProBook laptop which allows me to run multiple line-of-business applications alongside tools for developing and testing customer solutions. Connected to that are two 24-inch screens enabling me to have Outlook and Teams open on the laptop screen while using the other two for the task in hand – how I ever managed with a single small screen, back in the day, is beyond me! As important to me as the technology are having a large desk area to keep everything to hand and a posture supportive chair for comfort. As nice as the home office is though, it’s always good to get out to meet our partners and clients!

6 Team ORdigiNAL
Working alone in a home office shouldn’t mean not feeling part of a team and it certainly doesn’t at ORdigiNAL. We have a great bunch of friendly, talented people from sales and support through to the back-office and management teams who are always on hand to offer support, guidance, or just an ear when needed.  It’s always nice though when we get the opportunity to meet face-to-face, especially on a visit to HQ in the Netherlands for both business and pleasure!