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I couldn’t do my job without…Max Levenger, Managing Director, Henley Executive

…..picks the tools he uses every day and couldn’t do his job without

Samsung fold


1 Samsung Fold
The latest tech is a must for anyone in business. Having had this for nearly six months, it’s a real step up from the previous six Samsungs I’ve had. The fold element is probably the best feature, allowing the screen size to double for those more text-driven items that need attention. Connectivity is now a given, so being able to communicate in as many different forms is vital.


2 Lusha
Lusha is a very useful tool to get B2B business contact details for people. If you are looking to connect with a business or service but struggling to track down a phone number or email address to connect with. Where it gets its info from is a mystery, but the accuracy is high, and it saves a lot of time.

3 Hubspot
A great way to track important business emails that have been sent, what has been opened and when. This has been especially good when sending important documentation to clients, to allow
you to swiftly follow up and move the conversation forward.

4 MS your phone companion
Saves time typing out phone numbers into your phone – just a click of the mouse and you are instantly dialling. You can also send texts from your PC making things that much speedier to contact people or follow up on a call.

5 Vokey 52 degree wedge
Where else would you have the opportunity to spend a four-hour informal meeting with your client, or four hours networking and connecting with other businesses? The informal setting of a golf course enables you to really build relationships with clients and future clients and allows you to get to know their business without the pressure of being locked down in a meeting room. If that isn’t enough to convince you – maybe the exercise, fresh air and 19th hole will instead!

6 Mouse without borders
One of those moments when you realise that you’ve missed a trick. Mouse without borders allows you to seamlessly move from tablet to PC opening and reviewing documents – without having to connect them to each other with wire – meaning I can grab my tablet and carry on if I need to be out and about on the move.

7 Grammarly
An essential business tool, auto-correct cannot always be trusted, and not many people are experts typing on the keyboard without a few typos slipping in here or there – so Grammarly will not only correct those errors but make useful suggestions to help improve your writing – a significant step up from spell check.