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I couldn’t do my job without…

James Turner, Product Marketing Manager at Y Soft, picks the tools he uses every day and couldn’t do his job without

1 Collaborative tools As a global office, we rely on various collaboration tools to communicate with team members around the world. Atlassian tools such as Confluence and Jira help us to track project statuses and other relevant information related to our products. Overall, they are a great way for team members to come together, plan and collaborate to get the work done. They are an essential part of my everyday working life.

2 Workflow software solutions As someone who travels quite a lot between various company offices around the world, I need to be able to access important information quickly and print documents whenever and wherever I need. Software workflow platforms such as YSoft SafeQ, offer an advanced document capture and print management solution all in one integrated suite. This allows me to automate all my paperbased tasks. I can print in any office I visit without having to worry about having the right print drivers (without bugging IT or colleagues to print for me).

3 Video conferencing In my role, it’s important to keep in contact with colleagues on a daily basis, and instantly if necessary. We use WebEx for internal, as well as external meetings and the features it has keeps me connected. For example, due to time zones, I cannot attend some meetings and being able to listen to a recording keeps me updated. We also use WebTeams to instantly chat with individuals or within groups. These sorts of instant messaging tools are a life saver, particularly when you need to contact a remote colleague urgently in another location.

4 Internal portal We have an internal portal for employees, which includes providing information on partner and customer installations – the data comes straight from our ERP system. This is great because it means that I can react to a customer request and make alterations to an account quickly, which feeds back into the ERP system – this is really important to our partners, as they always want a fast turnaround to serve their customers.

5 Social media I use social media – Twitter in particular – to keep up with relevant news stories and other industry updates. I also follow various brands, customers, suppliers and other media outlets just to keep up with trends and other important events. I think social media is a great tool to use to keep up with relevant news stories and the world around you.

Software solution
Software solution

Our company Twitter page is also a great resource for anyone wanting industry updates, so I often go back to it to make a point to a customer or to respond to an inquiry.

I also heavily rely on LinkedIn as a relationship management tool because it enables me to easily liaise with partners, as well as keep up-to-date on their internal updates. Seeking new connections on the platform and seeing who works where gives me a good overview of our target audience and the prospects I should liaise with.