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I couldn’t do my job without…

Sara Diggle, Head of SMB laser & scanner business unit at Brother UK, picks the tools she uses every day and couldn’t do her job without

SAP cloud for customers
SAP cloud for customers

This is a great CRM tool, especially for those of us who work remotely. It’s also mobile friendly, so I can update systems on the move and check accounts quickly and simply before stepping into a meeting.

2 LinkedIn
The office products industry is full of likeminded people. LinkedIn helps me to keep in touch with all of my contacts, from customers to counterparts at other industry vendors.

While I find it incredibly useful for building new relationships, connecting with people I meet at events and keeping up-to-date with industry developments, it’s also an important channel for sharing our achievements at Brother, from examples of how we’re delivering new business solutions for our partners, to being recognised for our sustainable products and ways of working.

3 Brother portable scanner

Brother portable scanner
Brother portable scanner

It’s surprising just how much paper you can pick up in any one day while working on the move meeting clients and colleagues. A handy perk of the job is my reliable Brother DS portable document scanner. It’s small enough to take wherever I go, helping me to keep on top of notes or contracts and enabling me to quickly send documents back to base – no lugging around heavy files!

Naturally, my home office is kitted out with Brother too. My desktop scanner steps in when I’m not on the go and I’ve recently got an All in Box printer, which helpfully gives me all the ink I need for the next three years.

4 Battery pack chargers
One battery pack isn’t quite enough for field workers. I have them everywhere. In the car, house and handbag, to make sure customers, family or friends can always reach me if they need to.

It’s brilliant how much work can be done today on a smartphone. But the downside to increasingly mobile ways of working is it can take a real dint to your productivity if your phone battery dies. Stay prepared!


5 Team Brother
I couldn’t do my job without the fantastic support of team Brother. Whether it’s quickly checking-in with our executive support team with any travel or hotel queries; or collaborating with marketing colleagues to shape our next big campaign advising IT decisionmakers – team Brother makes sure that nothing ever stands still. It’s excellent to work alongside such a committed group of people, from our apprentices through to board directors.

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