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“I couldn’t do my job without”…Rod Tonna-Barthet, CEO, Kyocera Document Solutions…..

………..picks the tools he uses every day and couldn’t do his job without

1 Amazing people around me
It’s your team that define your success, so pick your team carefully and nurture them and ensure you give them the room to develop. If you overlay this with the Kyocera philosophy and values which are unique to our organisation then you have a very successful mix.

2 Truthful and loyal engagement with customers
This has always been a founding principle of mine. It’s amazing how few people treat their customers with respect and deal with them with integrity. Linked to ensuring you have the right people around you that share the same values, building relationships with your clients and people which is founded on integrity underpins our values and I have found has always been repaid in spades.

3 My smartphone
I won’t mention the brand, but given that my job is so mobile (with my work being spread across multiple offices and in come case countries), I couldn’t possibly do my job without it. Incidentally I find it amusing these devices still have the reference to ‘phone’ in their name given the proportionally low amount of time I spend using the device as a phone relative to everything else. Bring on 5G.

4 Microsoft Teams

Microsoft teams
Microsoft teams

Transformational! So much better than Skype, the latest offering from Microsoft makes face to face collaboration, either on my smartphone or laptop (and seamless switching between both) effortless and has definitely improved the ability to keep in contact and communicate across borders much more simply. And it works every time! I think Microsoft have gone some way to helping reduce global warming with this product given the number of journeys which I have been saved from making.

5 Mental fortitude
Particularly given the challenging environment we all operate within, I believe that having the right mental attitude is absolutely critical to meeting and dealing with all challenges which we are thrown at every day.

6 A great sense of humour!
I’ve always found this very helpful throughout my career and never hired anyone who doesn’t demonstrate they can laugh out loud, with others and most importantly, at themselves.

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