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I couldn’t do my job without…

Jason Rowles, Regional Sales Manager UK and Ireland, PFU (EMEA), picks the work tools he uses every day and couldn’t do his job without

1 My laptop
My laptop powers everything I do, and without it I’d be unable to get anything done! Critically now it enables me to work from anywhere, and always stay connected to customers and colleagues wherever I am.


2 ScanSnap iX150

Paperwork is one thing I’ve always preferred to avoid doing too much of! Whether it’s business cards or invoices – I want to hold that information digitally so I can enter it into my CRM or share it with a colleague and make sure I can always access it. It’s why my ScanSnap iX1500 is such a critical tool – it sits on my desk and enables me to quickly and easily digitalise information. Its one touch screen menu also minimises the time it takes me to perform a task, automatically identifying the type of document and saving it appropriately.

3 CRM – Salesforce
Talking of entering information into a CRM, an effective solution like Salesforce is critical to any successful sales team, and my team is no different. It enables all of us to make sure we’re all keeping in regular contact with our customers and partners so we can work with them most effectively.

4 Headset
The phone is such a critical business tool for me – and my headset has truly transformed how I use it in day-to-day business. Until you always have your hands free when you’re speaking on business calls, you don’t realise how much easier it is to take notes or present to a group (moving your hands like you might in real life).

5 USB powered scanner
Until recently, travel was a big part of my role. Nothing beats face-to-face conversations with customers and partners to really understand how we can help them achieve their business goals and objectives. When I’m on the move, my little ScanSnap iX100 is an essential piece of kit. There’s nothing worse than returning from a trip away and going through all the business cards and documents you’ve collected (and worse finding somewhere to keep them). Having my trusty USB powered iX100 with me makes a real difference, enabling me to scan on the train, in a hotel or even on site with customers.